Cat Evolution

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The people just love the cats as they are very independent and individualistic. But there are so many non cat owners and they are of the opinion that the cats are arrogant and aloof. The reason for this belief is being attributed to the fact that the cats don’t have any eye brow. Because of this fact the cats are looking very arrogant and the coldness in their looks is not to be seen in other animals like dog.

One can see the cat purrs and rubs against its owner. This is not because of arrogance but because of affection. As per the reports the cats have been domesticated by people as early as 9500 years ago by the people of island of Cyprus. The modern day cats seem have originated from five African wild cats, felis silvestris lybica. These wild cats must have come to the land where people live for want of food as their natural prey must have disappeared due to adverse weather condition.

The cats are very closely related to tigers. The cats have strong flexible bones and super quick reflexes as the tigers. The cats do have claws that can be retracted just as in the case of tigers which make the cat to chase the prey and to capture it with ease.

The cats are nocturnal in habit. They can see the things in very poor light and even in the darkness. This is possible because the cat’s eye has a special layer of cells located at the back of the retina. This layer of cell is called as tapetum lucidum. This layer reflects the light back to the retina which makes the animals to have clear vision even at poor light condition. The cats have very sharp ear too. The cats can hear higher and fainter frequencies of sound than that of the human beings and which is the reason for the cats to know the movement of mouse in the house much before we do.

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