Cat Health Tips for a Better Vet Visit

November 24, 2011 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Cat Collars, dental care, Home Remedies

The pet owners in general want to provide the best for their lovely pet. The knowledge level of the pet owners as far as the pet health is concerned is very limited and hence they require vet visit. Preparing the pet and you for the vet visit is bit difficult and hence require few tips. Here they are.

The pet’s comfort is the most important aspect. The pet, I mean the cat should be carried in a container. The container should be comfortable for the cat irrespective of the vehicle used, be it public transport or private transport. The cat should not be roaming around the vehicle freely which is not good for the cat as well as the pet owner. It is not good to carry the pet in the lap especially if you are driving the car. Even if your not driving the cat may jump suddenly out of the lap and may create trouble to the driver which may result is disaster.

The cats will feel uncomfortable inside the container if they are not used to. Hence prepare the cat before actually starting your journey to the vet. The cats can be made to have a feel of the container few hours or few days before the actual travel to the visit just to make them to be comfortable inside the container. The pet containers are available in plenty.

One should select the one considering the durability, design and price suited to him. The top loading containers are considered the best. The cats can be placed inside with ease and the cat will jump out with is once the top lid is opened. Let the cat be used to the car ride inside the container. For this one should practice this for short trips near the house few days before the actual travel. Let the cat not be fed anything an hour before the vet visit. This will avoid litter problem during the travel.

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