Understanding Cat Urinary Tract Infection

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The cat urinary tract infection is very common health problem. The problem here is the symptoms go unnoticed more often than not. Hence one should be aware of the cat urinary tract infection symptoms and the treatment options available in order to protect the health of the cat. The male casts are more prone for urinary tract infection than the female cats. Few are of the opinion that urinary tract infections are more common in neutered cats and that is not at all true. Both neutered and un- neutered cats are equally susceptible.

Early detection of the urinary tract infection is very important in treating the cat before the condition get worse. The cats affected with urinary tract infection may die if not treated properly. One may wonder how to know that the cat is suffering from UTI. As discussed earlier the symptoms are not easy to spot. The pet owner should have complete account of cat’s habits and it’s routine. One can have a doubt that the cat is having UTI, if the cat starts urinating out side the litter box. At times the cat may have blood in the urine which may point out that the cat is suffering from UTI. Strong smell of the urine may be another symptom of UTI.

The cat that is found to be crying while urinating and constantly grooming the genital area can be suspected to have urinary tract infection. The cat drinking more water than usual can also be possible sufferer of UTI. The moment the pet owner has slightest doubt, he or she should rush the cat to the near by vet hospital for further check-up and confirmation of the disease condition. The vet will check the cat thoroughly. The urine sample of the cat will be collected and will be subjected to complete analysis. The UTI is very much curable if attempted early and the good health of the cat can be brought back. The vet will prescribe antibiotics as it is nothing but an infection of microbes. The antibiotics will treat the UTI in most of the cases.

However, special treatment may be required if the infection is too severe. The UTI can be due to more serious underlying problems such as tumour of the kidney or the complete failure of the kidney. If that is the case, special and focussed treatment option should be followed in order to get rid of the underlying cause once for all. The early detection of the urinary tract infection is the responsibility of the cast owner.

There is no worry as this condition is completely curable and the lovely cat can be protected if treated early. All one has to do is just observe the cat very closely. Detect the symptoms as early as possible and rush the cat to the qualified veterinarian for the further check up and confirmation. Once identified, the vet will start the treatment without wasting any time and the pussy cat will come back to normalcy soon

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