Home Remedies for Cat Dandruff

December 26, 2007 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Home Remedies

Do you know the cat’s coat protect  the sensitive skin from sun rays? If your cat spends lot of time outdoors, it may go for sunburn like human beings. The sun burn will affect especially on the tips of their lips, nose, eyelids, or ears. These sunburn may lead to cancer of skin and also allergic dermatitis– a reaction that may lead to skin scaly, itchy or dry- called dandruff in cats.

As a home remedy for cat dandruff, you can make use of the diet that  includes yeast and garlic. This will keep the cat fleas away to prevent the occurence of cat dandruff.

You can use baking soda for insect bites in your cat, which may lead to dandruff. Dip the cat’s feet for 5-10 minutes in Epsom salt mixed cool water, if you have noticed an itchy feet.

You need to call your vet if your cat has flaking or the presence of parasite and worsening or persistent itching.

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