Natural Health Bible For Dog and Cat

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Natural health bible for dog and cat is one of the highly wanted informative resources sought by many pet owners. In fact, those who have cats or dogs are pride of owning this Natural health bible for dog and cat.

When you have cats, you generally think on the need for the appropriate application of integrated medicine and safe healing methods are described with simple expressions. This ultimately leads to better life for pet animals.

The famous author Shawn Messonnier who is one of the rare lot of holistic veterinarian available in the country. By holistic therapy, one can heal the diseases in pet animals without many side effects.

When most of the literatures reveal that the cat or dog may have allergic reactions particularly in the age group of one to three years.

However, according to this natural health bible for dogs and cats, this may occur even at the early age. Further, the genetically predisposed pet animal may reveal lesser reactions when the allergens are less.

But, when allergens are more, then more signs may appear. Similarly, when the animal is taken to new environment, the animal may appear cured.

This further says that though many species of Astragalus are toxic to the pet animals, the one like Astragalus membranaceous is safe to them. Hence, this herb may be used during the treatment of renal diseases in pets.

Generally vitamins and minerals are received in most of the occasions from chemical compounds prescribed.

But this Natural health bible for dog and cat has quoted that the same minerals or vitamins may be obtained from natural food supplements and hence, they may not end up in toxic reactions unlike the chemical agents. Yeah. Does it sound strange for you?

But, you need to accept this concept given because it is a fact. The method of treating and caring of pet dogs and cats has been changed by this book.

Yes. You need to admit this because you have to welcome the new idea and concepts required for the enhancement of health and disease management in pet dogs and cats.

In this book, you can find many messages with regard to the nutrient components useful for you pet. For example, it is quoted that taurine is the beta amino acid which is highly required for cats but not dogs.

But, if the diet is of vegetarian type, then even the dog also may need this. Meat, dairy products and fish were quoted to be the source of taurine, which protects the heart.

Customer rating for this Natural health bible for dog and cat is more satisfactory. Natural health bible for dog and cat reveals well-defined therapy using natural items and hence, liked by many persons. 

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