Blood Urine in Cat

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Blood urine in cat is always a perplexing one for the pet owners. Yeah. Blood is an important material. But, nobody wants to see the blood urine in cat. Yeah… You accept this fact.

You would be worried if you notice blood in the cat urine. You need get to know about this condition.

The urine when it is reddish needs to be differentiated from the one due to the estrus stage, in female cats. Yes… When the animal comes to heat, the urine of this cat may become reddish and resemble the blood mixed urine.

Once the estrus stage is over, occurrence of such colored urine will not happen again and the urine of such female cats become normal thereafter.

However, this may occur again when the queen cat experiences the next estrus stage during the routinely occurring physiological events.

Most cats may develop stones in the bladder. In such conditions, the cats develop such colored urine many times. When you ask the history, the owners say that the difference in color is seen only recently.

When you start taking radiographs of the abdominal region, the existence of such stones will be identified often in the X rays.

This condition actually produces irritation exhibited during urination. When the animal is passing urine, animal may exhibit the signs of pain.

You have to just compare the normal activity of cat during the passing of urine. Then you will know the difference well by yourself.

Most of the times, the cat may get affected by inflammation of the urinary bladder. This is often called as cystitis. In such conditions, the cat may be having a clinical sign of dysuria.

This means the difficulties in passing of urine. Such inconvenient events are frequently encountered during such clinical incidences.

Hence, as a pet owner, you needs to observe the animal even during the passing of urine at a corner or in a toilet if it is a trained felid.

Some times, there may be blockage in the urinary tract due to the presence of a growth or tumor like mass. These may lead to the pressure on the urinary tract and hence, the reddish urine is passed.

Hence, there may be a block in the passing of urine by the cat. Finally, this may result in damage to the urinary tract and ends up in red colored urine.

The treatment for urinary infection has to be initiated once you see such reddish color and however, existence of stones has to be ruled out in such cases.

Hence, once you encounter the blood urine in cat, you should be able to find out whether it is a physiological one as in case of estrus or a pathological one as in case of cystitis. Blood urine in cat is to be given a greater amount of clinical importance always.

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