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Siamese cat health is to be taken care as a special measure. Yes. This is true! The cats look so much attractive if you maintain the health well. Siamese cat health gets affected when proper care measures are lacking.

Special cat shampoos may be used but stop using them if you see any allergic reaction like itching in an intense manner.  

Often you need to separate the skin and see deeply whether any parasite is present on coat or not. Often the cat may appear healthy but when examined, this animal may show lots of lice or ticks on the body.

Hence, always a closer examination is to be carried out with this species. Special cat diets are available for these cats and when there is an imbalance in the diet provided, then the cats develop dietary imbalances.

When frozen fish is given, this may suffer from deficiency of thiaminase. Hence, fresh fish may be given instead of frozen fish materials, to the possible extent.

Some maintain a closed cattery in order to avoid the chances of disease contamination from other animals.

Development of hair balls is to be taken care in this breed well. Since cats have the habit of licking the hair materials often, there is possibility of occurrence of hair balls in gastro intestinal tract.

Hair ball remedies are available commercially in order to both prevent and treat this condition. To maintain oral hygiene, the Siamese cats may be given training to get their teeth cleaned well.

However, this training is possible only when given in a systematic and gradual manner.

First accustom the Siamese cat to the placement on table followed by lifting of lips and pressing of gums against teeth,

This can be done for two weeks and then accustom the animal to the placement of tooth paste and brushing with a nice brush. Such measures help to maintain good oral hygiene.

Examine the teeth and gums well during the opening of mouth. This may help in the ruling out of teeth related abnormalities in this attractive breed of cats.

needs to be carried out daily to avoid the skin and coat related problem. Regular deworming may be carried out.

Once in three months, the fecal samples may be examined for presence of any internal parasites like hook worm, round worm, tape worm etc.
See that this cat is reared in well ventilated cage and the cage may be thoroughly checked for presence of any parasite. The interior of the cages may be cleaned well to avoid the contact of pathogens with cats

The blood examination
may be carried out occasionally to rule out organ based disorder in this breed.

Siamese cat health
gets affected by both viral and bacterial diseases. Similarly, Siamese cat health gets disturbed when adequate food is not provided.

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