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A friend of mine who is living in a rural farm house is stumbling upon with scorpions daily. So he often asked me if getting a cat will help. There is folklore that cats deter scorpions by eating them. I read that cats are immune to scorpion stings in a blog also. It is not so! The truth is cats prefer to avoid scorpion rather than encountering with them.

If your cat is stung by a scorpion, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will die. Not all scorpion stings are lethal. Scorpion stings were 6th most common bite or sting, behind bee stings, spider bites, tick bites, wasp stings, and ant bites. Don’t assume that the scorpion sting treatment for humans is the same for your cat. Consult your veterinarian if symptoms appear serious.

Reasons for the Cat being Immune to Scorpion Bite

In general, the scorpion venom is produced to kill its prey (crickets, small insects, etc.).  If a cat is stung by a scorpion, it won’t show symptoms of scorpion poisoning immediately as its whole body is larger than the scorpion’s prey.

Furthermore, since cats have so much fur, it is really difficult for the stinger to get a good “shot” at the cat, too. Even the sting probed deep into the fur, it won’t create greater impact on the cat’s body as the thick skin probably prevents the sting from piercing.

Usually, a scorpion will try to run away when it is in danger. The scorpion may first inject “pre-venom”, which is designed to be painful. Once the cat was injected with ‘pre-venom,” the cat will run away from the spot where scorpion exists.

Last but not least, the cats notice scorpions more readily than humans do. Cats are more agile and faster than their human counterparts. So they will avoid the scorpion to get interacted.

Despite these factors, sometimes the cat will be stung by scorpion. Hence it is mandatory to get to know about the symptoms and the first-aid measures to be taken to prevent scorpion bite.

Symptoms of Scorpion Bite

The important fact you should know about scorpion is that the larger scorpion will produce less venom in the sting and the smaller ones have more venom. The scorpion bitten cat will show allergic reactions such as the bitten area will be swollen, red and itchy.

Scorpion stings can vary from causing only mild, local swelling, to causing a life-threatening bite reaction. Clinical signs can include local pain and swelling, nervousness, trouble swallowing, muscle spasms, increased salivation, visual deficits, uncontrollable urination and defecation. Other common signs include

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Abnormal neck, eye and head movements
  • Muscle twitching
  • Numbness
  • Malaise, sweating, nausea and vomiting
  • Pain, burning sensation at the sting site
  • Swollen body part
  • Convulsions


  • Trim the hairs and clean the sting area
  • Apply an ice pack wrapped in a washcloth or other covering for 10 minutes and repeat as necessary
  • Seek veterinary attention immediately.
  • Usually the vets will prefer to give a shot of steroids to ease the symptoms of scorpion bites

Most cats recover without a problem.  Check the cat’s paws and if you can’t see any wounds then everything is fine. Keep watch on the cat for any signs of swelling anywhere… leg, paw, neck, face… and if you see swelling, Then take her to the vet.

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