Why a Cat is Vomiting?

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Vomiting cat always attract the attention of the pet owner whoever it is. Yeah. It is true. Whenever a cat is making some vomiting activities, the owner of the cat in addition to the other persons nearby tend to watch the vomiting cat.

When you analyze the reasons for such vomiting in case of cats, you will get perplexed. The reasons are many. However, you need to pay more attention to the clinical factors. But at the same time, in addition to the pathological causes, you need to know the other causes also.

If the cat has taken something irritating, then the animal may develop some inflammatory changes in the stomach region. This is called as gastritis. In such occasions, cats develop the vomiting activity in a frequent manner.

Any cat needs to be taken care of if it vomits frequently. Single time vomiting may not be given more significance most of the times. However, when this becomes a chronic one or a long lasting one, then some attention has to be paid over this event.

Some times, what happens is that the cat might swallow some foreign body accidentally along with the feed material. Such cases also tend to develop this sign of gastritis.

When the owner of the cat starts making a complaint about the finding of vomited material on the carpet, you have to request him politely to watch the cats frequently. Once it is confirmed, and then go for the analysis of this clinical problem.

Mind that some times, when the cat is taken to a new place, the animal may reveal the vomiting activity. You need not be much afraid on this.

Some times, there may be travel related vomiting action in the cats. Yeah. Like man, the cat also tends to vomit some times, during the travel programme.

For this you need to consult a veterinarian and give suitable drug prescribed in food and manage the problem in a successful manner.

When the vomitus is reddish, you need to understand that it is a serious problem. This may be caused by either a foreign body or a tumor in the esophagus or stomach.

 Some times, severe gastritis with more hemorrhagic regions in the stomach part also lead to a condition like this. Hence, this is to be taken care of immediately without any delay.

Similarly, when it vomits bile, the vomited material will be greenish yellow or more yellowish. Duodenal or hepatic disorders need to be ruled out in such cases.

One of the important thing is that an aged cat when vomits, you have to suspect the renal disease.

In such times, you need to analyze the serum of vomiting cat for creatinine level and blood urea nitrogen level in the laboratory. Of course, your veterinarian is able  to handle the vomiting cat, when consulted.   

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