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Cat health diagnosis is one of the important features of cat management by the pet owners and the cat breeders. In many catteries, cat health diagnosis is given maximum importance due to it’s direct impact on the routine movements of the cat.

Feline infectious peritonitis
is one of the important viral disease and this finds a place in the routine diagnosis of problems in cats.

If the cat has not passed urine in the trained place and has some dribbling of urine with false movements to pass the urine, then suspect for the urinary disorders. This may often be true in case of adult male or older cats.

Health needs to be suspected if the pet animal does not pass motion for the past two to three days. Suspect the prostatitis that affects the health of the cats if it is an adult male cat

Diagnosis of Health pertaining to the hook worm problem can be made by examination of the stool samples repeatedly. Further, the affected cats pass stools with streaks of blood in this.

Cat health diagnosis related protocols will be meticulously revealed by your pet specialist when you approach for consultation. Yeah. There are vaccines to be maintained against the diseases like feline infectious peritonitis.

You can contact other cat owners and animal welfare organizations to know more about the diagnosis of health in cats.

If your cat is constantly itching, then suspect for the presence of feline military dermatitis caused by mites, lice or fleas.

Some times you may get little red coloured urine in your female cat. Suddenly you need not jump to the disease factor in the cat. This is because that queen cat may be in estrus stage.

However, if you see constantly the red colored urine, then the diagnosis needs to be made for the presence of cystitis or lower urinary tract infections or leptospirosis like diseases.

If you see your cat behaving in an abnormal manner after a dog bite, immediately consult a veterinarian to rule out rabies.

Periodical examination of stools and blood sample are to be carried out in order to find out any abnormalities in your cat.

You need to be more cautious about the evidences of parasitic diseases especially when the cat suffers from diarrhea.

Hardy stools
and constipation may reveal the megacolon and inability to swallow  the food properly may indicate the megaesophagus.

Rapid shallow breathing indicates deviation of health and pneumonia is suspected. The nasal discharge needs to be examined for microbes in laboratory for the diagnosis.

Constantly wheezing cats
need to be suspected for feline asthma and you need to make up the diagnosis by subjecting the cat to a specialist. 

Cat health diagnosis is an art and the cat owners need to understand about cat health diagnosis by going through many web sites, guides, consultations with veterinarians and pet specialists.   

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