How To Prevent Cat Hair Loss?

February 13, 2008 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Diseases, Health

You love cats, but hate how much they shed. Their hair gets everywhere—your furniture, clothing, counter tops, food; you name it, it has cat fur on it. Well, if you love your cat but simply cannot put up with the shedding, here are some tips.

First, run over to a local Pet supplies store and pick up a brush. Not only will it help stop shedding, because you are taking the offensive on loose hair, but your cat will enjoy the bristles against his or her face.

Another way, a little more costly, is to go to your favorite Pet medications store and ask the experts about the different medications which can be administered to your cat to help stop shedding.

To delve a little deeper, what makes your cat shed? The answer varies. The main reason why all cats shed is to remove dead hair from their bodies. Much like us humans, their hair is continuously growing, so the old hair has to come out.

Some other factors, pertaining to indoor cats, are lighting, air conditioning, and room temperatures. All of these can cause excess shedding.

Outdoor cats usually only shed in the summer, because they need all the excess fur they can have in the winter.

So use my tricks, and you and your cat will be happy.

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