Nurturing a Senior Cat Health- a Herculean Task?

February 18, 2008 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Health

Senior cat health is to be given maximum significance by the cat owners. Yeah… This is true. Senior cat health is the most important one for all species of cats and they need to be cared well.

Senior cats
need special observation during moving and eating. When they move slowly and reveal the sign like anorexia, they have to be suspected for the presence of bowel problems.

In such cases, the defecation activities are to be observed well.Some times, the may cats may develop gastro intestinal problem like constipation. In such cases, prostatitis may be given maximum importance.

Many adult male cats are prone for the development of age related disorder like this enlargement of prostate gland in their abdominal cavity.

Senior cat health
gets affected by the existence of any ocular problems like corneal opacity or cataract.

Eyes need to be examined frequently to diagnose any redness or sign of eye infection in them.

They have to be given a balanced type of nutrition and the deficiencies of any macro or micro nutrients in them may lead to nutritional imbalances and hence, the cats in older age are highly prone for the development of deficiency based disorders.

Diet with moderate protein restriction may be provided since aged cats are prone for the occurrence of hepatic and renal disorders.  

The food for adult cat may have less fats and more vitamins but with less calories.  Likewise, the ear canals are also to be checked often.

If any discharge is noticed or any blockage by wax material is noticed in the ears, then appropriate care is to be taken. Hence, the development of ear infection cane be avoided or minimized.

Senior cat health is often affected by disorder like arthritis. Such inflammation of joints is always a problem as in case of human beings. Mild form of exercise by taking the cat for a walk may be given. Frequently consult a veterinarian who in turn will examine the senior cat for the evidences of anemia like paleness of ocular mucosa.

The hair ball remedies are there commercially and can be given based on suggestions from the pet specialist both for the prevention and for the therapy purpose.

Senior cats are prone for the development of renal problems like acute nephritis and inflammation of urinary bladder called cystitis.

Giving the right kind of food materials to the older cats tend to prevent the occurrence of feline urological syndrome. Urinary incontinence is often encountered in the affected senile cats. 

More cats tend to develop age related muscle weakness and the associated body pain due to the routine activities. Hence, sufficient rest is also to be given to the aged felids.

Many times, behavior may get changed in older cats and hence, you need to adjust accordingly.

Regular booster vaccines may be required associated with maintenance of senior cat health. Yes. Senior cat health is most essential because when the age advances, the immune status may get reduced.

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