Persian Cat Health

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Persian cat health is always given major importance if you want to avoid the disease problem in these prestigious cats. Yeah. This is true. When you own the Persian cat, health is to be given maximum priority because such steps are necessary to keep these cats physically fit as pet animals.

Since these cats are having brachycephalic type of facial characteristics, these cats many times use the lower side of tongue to pick up the kibbles. Hence, almond shaped kibbles are easy for them to pick up.

In this regard, many commercial firms have currently come up with feed products that have this almond shape.

Hence, it becomes easy for the Persian cats to eat these feed items. Thus health status may be maintained well.
These cats are likely to get affected by calcium urate crystals and hence, when these crystals are more in numbers, then the cats develop the signs of urolithiasis.

Many times, urinary incontinence may be encountered if the condition is not diagnosed or taken care of properly in the early stage itself. Hence, to prevent the development of clinical problem because of occurrence of calcium urate crystals, one has to prefer a right kind of diet.

The diets that are able to develop an alkaline pH in the urine are to be preferred for them.

The skin and coat need to be given major significance. This is because of the comparatively long coat, these cats tend to develop skin infestations due to the parasitic problems.

Hair balls are common in hairy breeds. Hence, Hair ball remedies may be given both for the prevention and for the remedial measures.  
When mites are diagnosed, there are many commercial ear mite solutions and can be applied carefully in both ears, twice per day, daily for the prescribed periods. 

These cats need to be bathed regularly and grooming needs to be done every day in selected places.

Persian cat health based diets are specially available in the current period and these help to provide the optimal nutrition to these cats. Hence, the cats tend to develop strong immunity based status in the body.

The eyes also need to be checked up every day. If you diagnose or see redness in both eyes, immediately call the veterinarians. Hence, the ocular examination can be carried out in a systematic manner.
Early diagnosis of the problems is always a better one in these cat species. Regular vaccination needs to be carried out correctly and for this you have to consult a veterinarian. Similarly, regular deworming helps to avoid diseases.

Persian cat health. gets affected by many internal parasites like hook worms, tape worms, round worms etc. Blood protozoa also can affect the Persian cat health. 

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