How to Keep Your Cat Skin Healthy?

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Cat skin health is the most important aspect to be taken care of always. Yeah… The skin of your cat reflects your care and proper maintenance of the cat. Cat skin health gets affected by many ways.

If you don’t provide sufficient amounts of required nutrients, this may affect the skin and coat. When the feed resources does not have enough vitamins especially the vitamin A, then the skin gets highly affected.

Hence, you need to provide optimal nutrition as a priority factor in order to keep up a better skin and coat status. Similarly, amino acids are also equally important for keeping up a better condition related to skin.

If a balanced nutrition is not provided to the cats, then the pet animals tend to develop a lusterless coat.

The skin may appear dry and some times, may develop itching. Hence, there may be occurrence of secondary bacterial infections. Similarly, the cats need to be given bath regularly.

The cleaning of coat by use of soft bristled comb can be done at least three times in a week period. However, the activity like grooming may be done in a selected place.

If not, the hair particles may fall in all places and are likely to cause some allergic reactions in the susceptible persons 

Frequently, you need to check up for the presence of any external parasites like ticks or lice or mites, during maintenance of cat skin health. 

 When mites are present, these parasites may not be seen well by naked eyes. Hence, you need to have a testing of skin scraping in the veterinary clinic or the laboratory.

Parasitic infestations need to be given more significance in case of long haired cat species like Persian cats etc. Baby shampoos like tearless shampoo may be used in cats.

However, if the dog develops more itching after the use of any shampoo, just discontinue the usage of this shampoo regardless of the firm.
If the allergic reactions are severe, then immediately take the cat to the cat specialist and get it treated.

When loosening of hair occurs more, then the cats may get affected by hair balls. Hence, daily grooming may be maintained well without forgetting. Any injury needs to be attended immediately.

If not it may lead to infections and thereby may lead to unnecessary expenditures on the part of the pet owner.

Many preparations are available for external usage on skin and coat when there are signs of dermatitis. Bacterial dermatitis may be tackled with concurrent administration of antibiotics also. If patchy distribution of lesions are seen, in addition to the development of severe itching, suspect the fungal problem.

Cat skin health
may get improved when zinc containing tonics and cod liver oil are given. Consult a pet specialist always if you want to maintain cat skin health in a good manner.

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