Elderly Cat-health Problem

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Elderly cat-health problem is to be given maximum significance. Elderly cat health problems need different kinds of attentions from the pet owners. Yeah. They are equal to the senior citizens of the country.

Wondering? But, this is true. Like old man, the  elderly cat have varieties of health problems. The cats especially the male cats may get affected frequently by the renal problems.

The affected cats develop signs like vomiting, difficulty in passing of urine, dullness, lusterless coat and anorexia. Whenever, you see such problems in your aged cat, you need to consult a veterinarian.

Blood examination will help to rule out the renal problems in reality. Serum creatinine level is the one solid parameter which generally indicates the renal function in such affected cats, in addition to the blood urea nitrogen level.

Elderly cat-health problem often associates with hepatic disease also. High colored urine and long lasting anorexia with dullness indicate the clinical signs of hepatic problems.

Increased thirst is often noticed in hepatic disorders in addition to the renal disorders.

The aged cats get frequently affected by the teeth problem. The affected animals often keep  the head lightly tilted and try to swallow the food. If you are careless, you may tend to miss this observation.

So it implies that you need to observe the eating activity of these old cats seriously. Many cats may show the drooling saliva from their mouth. The teeth may be seen some times loosened and may gets easily shaken also when a mild pressure is exerted.

However, don’t get bitten during the process of examination. It seems better to consult a qualified veterinarian for taking due care of the dental problems of the aged dogs. 

Some cats also develop lack of interest in due grooming of their coat. Yeah. It is true. Generally, the healthy cats engage in grooming activities, most of the times. Such activities get highly reduced or some times may be absent in case of severe dental problems. 

The severely affected animals tend to reveal signs of pain and this may vary even to the extent of occurrence of facial swelling causing much inconvenience to the cats in moving the head in a free manner. 

Poor eye sight may occur in aged cats and hence, take care of corneal opacity like condition in addition to the cataract.

The cardiac murmurs heard over the cardiac regions indicate the existence of heart problems and heart problems are common in aged cats.
Arthritis may occur commonly in elderly cats and problem in mobility occurs due to these problems.

Similarly, loss of weight occurs as an elderly cat-health problem. Elderly cat-health problem is to be taken care of at early stage itself..

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