Cat Health and Urinary Problems

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Cat health and urinary problems always are associated with each other. Yeah. Cat health and urinary disorders have some concrete linkage which is not  much understood by the cat owners, often.

You should note that the disorder related with urination has got some direct influence on the health of the cats. For example, the urination becomes a painful event in cases of acute nephritis.

In such cases, the urinary tract infection may occur. In infections of urinary tract, suitable antibiotic needs to be given for a long period of time.

Of course, this will be taken care of by the veterinarian when you go for a health related consultation. Cats become often affected by lower urinary tract infections.

Often the bladder or the urinary tube arising from bladder are affected. In such cases, the affected cats pass the urine with difficulties and more efforts are made for the urination.

These cats may even pass the urine in colder places like bath tubs. Urinary incontinence is encountered when your cat has such affections.

Urinary tract health for cat should be properly taken care of.

Otherwise such cats will suffer from these renal or other urinary tract problems and may die early. Hence, more care needs to be taken for maintenance of health in urinary tract.

Some times, the urine may not have a normal color and few drops of blood may be seen at times.

In such cases, the urine needs to be tested in the suitable laboratory. Often such examination will reveal the urinary tract abnormality in a concrete manner. Some times, urinary crystals may get formed either before or after  the occurrence of urinary tract infections in the urinary tract.

Struvite crystals are commonly noticed in case of dogs with alkaline pH and in such cases, the special kind of diets are to be given to make the cat’s urine acidic. The crystals occurring in urinary tract are called as uroliths.

These stones may often cause the difficulty to pass the urine and the urination may get totally blocked some times when uroliths of larger sizes make blocking effects inside the urinary tract.

In such cases, emergency based approaches have to be made. Surgical interventions may be the answer some times, in such cats.

Generally food items with moderate amounts of protein are chosen with multiple vitamins and minerals to provide a balanced nutrition in case of adult cats or geriatric animals.

This is because of their increased susceptibility for the renal disorders when age advances.

Similarly, the food items should not have an increased amounts of proteins especially for the cats affected with urinary tract problem.

Cat health and urinary problems are dealt in various web sites now a day. The cat health and urinary problems are to be given more emphasis always.


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