Cat Ear Health Care

March 23, 2008 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Health

It isn’t normal for cats to get ear infections most people don’t know what to do or where to look when it does happen. Hence Today I have taken this topic of cat ear health care. Ear infections are very common in cats. Some of the cat owner will care for cat ear health without consulting a vet. It is risk for the cat health.

Steps for care for cat ear are given much significance in the current periods. The procedures for care of ear as cat health related measure are delicate ones and need to be meticulously followed if one wants to have a health cat.

As a pet owner, you need to observe the cat movement during routine walking. In cases of ear infection, the cats reveal tilted ear when it stands or moves. Such unnatural posture will help to diagnose the ear problems in many cats.

This is mainly due to the pain factor existing in the auditory regions. During bathing, take more care by plugging the ear canal with large cotton balls and see that the water does not enter ear canal.

When you find some excessive wax or discharge from one ear, you need to check up both the ears.

If the ear infection is severe, then the cats tend to resist even the lifting problem and particularly when you try to meddle the ear for the examination, the affected cats often try to avoid that or at least tend to make annoying sounds.

This is true when you try to give pressure to the ear regions. However, try to avoid the biting by taking proper care. Such things will help in the protection of ear as cat health related measure.

If you experience abnormal smell, color or texture of the ear secretion, then your cat ear health is really questionable. Because this implies that your cat ear is subjected to infections or parisitoc infestations. Do consult your vet. He may advise you to put your cat with antibiotics to care for cat ear health.

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