Cat Litter Cleaning- A Simple Survey

April 11, 2008 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Diseases, Health

Although cleaning your cat’s litter is a least favorite job, at some point you’ve got to clean out the thing.

So, a research was conducted to find out how the things are being done by the cat owners. You may think that you’re scooping out the kitty litter as often as everyone else.

Please check this survey to find your place where you are.

Nearly 38  percent of cat owners acoop the litterbox of kitty once a day and more than 33 percent scoop at least two times a day. A meagre percent (16.6%) of cat owners clean their kitties corner only two to four times a week.

The study confirms that everyone scoops the litter box at least once a week. Only 1% confirmed that they cleaned the litter material less than once a week.

How do you fit in the survey? Please post your views in the comment…

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