Cat Flea Control Tips

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Cat fleas are not only disgusting but they can also be dangerous. The cat flea feeds on the blood of humans as well as that of cats. They can also transmit diseases to your cat.

Flea allergy dermatitis is the most common and annoying disease caused by fleas. Some of your cats might be allergic to the flea saliva itself. One bite is more than enough to cause allergy through out its body.

Flea allergy cats will show skin lesions and hair loss. You can notice some cat will itch until their skin becomes raw. The cat flea affected cats loose weight from burning so many extra calories from constant licking. Some cats are showing irritating bumps all around their neck.

Apart from these symptoms, the cats with flea and ticks may suffer from tapeworms also because fleas transmit the tapeworm larva. Once the larva get infested into the blood, the larva reaches the gastro-intestinal tract and continues to develop.

When developed fully, the head of the tapeworm gets attached into the intestinal wall and small egg filled segments periodically snatched off and are passed in feces as small grains.

Preventing the fleas will help to get rid of Flea allergy dermatitis. You can buy flea collars, shampoo and cat flea medicines to prevent the reproduction of the fleas in the skin of the cat.

You can place your cat with "Advantage"- the best cat flea treatment.You need to groom her well after using Advantage to get rid of the dead fleas from the body.

After starting Advantage if you cat shows the symptoms of cat flea allergy, try putting her on Rice and Iams Lamb , this will aid in limiting the residual allergy from the fleas.

AVOID the use of hydrocortisone, antihistamine or any other human medicine on your cat! They often have different effects not on cat fleas but on cats than on us.

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