How to Treat Cat Hair Balls?

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Have you ever seen your kitten trying to vomit something out of its stomach? Your cat may be suffering from hair balls. Your kitty would have a miserable look and they make you feel so helpless. Here you can get info on how to treat cat hair balls

In addition to this, you can find the furballs either in your favorite comforter or on the rug. This would be really annoying to a cat owner. Moreover, furballs stains on fabric or carpeting also!

Cat Hair ball Causes

Most of the cats will self-groom themselves. While grooming, the spikes in their tongue act like a teeth on a comb. These spikes help to remove the loose fur as well as rake the debris in the coat of the cat. Hair balls arise as they swallow the loose hairs while they groom.

Most of the cats pass the hair on its way without sticking any where in the gastro-intestinal tract. But sometimes, the hair will accumulate either in the stomach or esophagus (Tube connecting the mouth and stomach)to cause blockade. The cat will try to push out the so-called hair ball by vomiting or regurgitating.

Cat Hair Ball Treatment

It is always a known truth that prevention is better than cure. Hair ball also can be prevented.

Keep you kitty groomed daily. Don’t allow it do on its own. So brush your cat daily. You can easily remove the dead loose hair so he or she can’t ingest it.

You can provide your cat with hair ball lubricant products to remove the hair balls in the stomach. These products will help your kitten to pass the hair ball in the feces without any fuss. Most of these products are made up of desirable flavors for easy administration. Some of the hair ball lubricant products are available in chicken, liver and malt flavors. Some of the cat treats contain mineral oil, which will help to remove hairballs.

Also make sure your cat diet contains plenty of oils, fats and fibers to help the hair pass easily out of the Gastro-intestinal tract. And also ensure your kitty is eating a high quality, and balanced diet with plenty of unprocessed and organic raw food, and avoid onions as they can be fatal to felids.

Make sure that your cat is getting ad libitum quantity of filtered and clean water. They are perfectly clean animals as they prefer to drink water from rain puddles, out of your glass of water and rumming tap.

Following these simple tips will definitely help you not to ask How to treat cat hair balls.

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