Cat Toilet Training- Is it Possible?

May 13, 2008 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Behavior


Wanna toilet training of your cat? It is REALLY POSSIBLE. As a cat owner you need to know these simple tips of cat toilet training to avoid messing up the cat excreta in most hidden places of your home.

Although different books give detailed techniques of cat toilet training, you should know the basic general idea of how the actual process is skilled. You should know that result of this toilet training of your kitties will vary according to the time you’re spending with them for training.

How to do Cat Toilet Training?

Before starting the cat toilet training, you should prepare few essential items– A bowl that will fit inside your toilet bowl, a stool roughly the same height as your toilet and your cat’s current litter box.

As a first step you should place your cat’s present litter box beside the toilet. Give her or him couple of weeks to accustom to the new location. Once your kitty adjusted to this litter box in the bathroom, you should start the actual cat toliet training.

The next step in cat toilet training is to get your kitty adjusted to jumping up to the toilet seat height. This can easily be trained by placing the cat’s litter box on the stool adjacent to the toilet. Be certain that for the first day or two the toilet lid is left down. After couple of days you can lift the lid but leave the seat down for getting your cat used to steer her or his way around the seat.

The third step in the toilet training process of the cat is to place the cat’s litter box to the top of the toilet for a week. This acclimatizes your cat to actually being on the top of the toilet, as against to beside it. After a week, remove the cat’s litter box completely, and reinstate it with a bowl filled with litter, on the inside of the toilet bowl.

Once your cat is using all of his or her feet on the toilet seat instead of bowl with litter, you can start the final and fourth step of cat toilet training– bowl with litter should be removed. After this process of elimination of bowl, don’t place any litter boxes elsewhere in your home to make you cat accustom to the existing toilet for defecating daily. This completes your simple  toilet training of your cat. ALL THE BEST!!!

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