Cat Collars – Do They Actually Make That!?

May 17, 2008 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Behavior, Cat Collars
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Many pet owners want their pets wearing collars, and I’m one of them. So one day I was looking for a yellow one for my cat, but after roaming across half the
city I still couldn’t find one. Every pet shop I went to seemed to have collars in all colors and make imaginable BUT yellow. It’s like all the collar-makers in the
whole wide world conspired to disallow me my wish to see my cat adorned with the color of sunflowers, of canaries and of smiley faces. During my search, however,  I DID come across just about everything else conceivable (other than MY YELLOW, of course).

One kind of cat collar I ran into takes care of your cat’s (or dog’s) fleas. Laden with flea-repelling chemicals, they’re usually not that good to look at, but apparently can be quite useful if you either let your cat outside or have it mingling with another pet that does. If you’d take a look at the market today you’ll find a lot of stuff like shampoos and solutions that are far more efficient than collars (which have to be replaced periodically – the juice runs out, you see?), but it’s really up to personal preference. Just remember to check how long each one lasts.

It’s also pretty easy to find more unique cat collars. These tend to be more of a fashion statement than serve any practical purpose. Looking them up, you might just discover cat collars that make you think "Hey, do they actually make that!?". Customized collars with names on them are just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re really into pampering your darling little furball with the very best money can buy, why not give him/her a collar with real diamonds on them? A warning :
They can really burn a hole in your wallet. Those looking for the same kind of glamor for a fraction of the cost can opt for the fake variety. Don’t worry,
no one knows the difference.

But what do you do when all you’re looking for is just a simple, regular collar in your favorite color? (YELLLOOOWWW!!!). Thankfully we live in an age where
everything is just a few clicks away. Thanks to the world-wide web, I finally found a store selling the product I was looking for. Granted, they only came
in packs of six (I thought they only made beer like that). Of course, unless you’re also looking for yellow, chances are you’re gonna have better luck than I did.
The most trendy colors (Pink? Ugghh) are usually the easiest to find, but with a little effort I bet you’ll get what you want in no time. Good luck!


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