The Five Most Popular Cat Breeds Today

May 23, 2008 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Breeds
Cats come in an astonishingly wide range of kinds. All possess a unique and distinct appearance and personality. If adopting one has ever crossed your mind, it’s highly recommended to pick from one of the five most highly-prized breeds listed below. Of course, it is entirely up to you to choose. This list, which is by no means exhaustive, serves merely as a suggestion.

The Persian

Hailing from the same country they take their name from (Ancient Persia, modern Iran), these cats are famed worldwide for their bushy coats and soft temperament. Persians are available in many different colors and patterns, white being one of the more popular. Research into hieroglyphs shows that they have been around as early as 1684 B.C.

The Siamese

Also taking the name of their country of origin as their own (Ancient Siam, modern Thailand), Siamese generally are hungry for attention. It’s no wonder, really, since their distinctive "masked and gloved" appearance only demands the highest amount of adoration. They have no qualms on making their dissatisfaction known with their well-known crooning. A very social cat, they’re really suitable for doting individuals.

The Maine Coon

A very flexible strain is the Maine Coon. These felines, one of the biggest breed of domestic cats, can make themselves comfortable in a wide spectrum of surroundings. Thought to be the ancestor of the American Long-Hair, they are highly social and enjoyable. A suitable choice for families with infants.

The Ragdoll

Named for their tendency to become limp and relaxed when picked up, Ragdolls are sometimes seen as puppies due to their constant seeking of human companionship. They enjoy greeting their owners at the door and can easily be thought to play catch. A little bit of grooming is necessary to keep their medium-length fur looking their best. The Ragdoll’s high tolerance to mistreatment make them another good choice for family living. Just make sure you keep it indoors; their relaxed nature basically means an almost-zero chance of survival on their own.

The Burmese

The short length of their coats mean that they don’t need to brushed as often as the Persians, Maine Coons and Ragdolls. They’re also very social and affectionate, good for both the individual living alone and the family. Their meows are somewhat similar to the Siamese’s, albeit a bit sweeter.

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