What To Look For In Persian Cats

May 29, 2008 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Breeds
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Persian cats are a highly-prized breed. It’s no wonder, really, considering how attractive their long fur can be. The immense number of Persian Cat breeders around the world shows how badly people want them, such that the cats are snatched up faster than the breeders can provide for.

An unfortunate effect of this phenomenon, however, is the increasing number of "kitten mills". An offshoot of the Puppy Mill, kitty mills refer to profit-oriented breeding facilities designed to churn out as many cats as possible, as fast as possible. What this means is that the cats’ welfare takes a backseat to production. Most of them are kept in cramped conditions with many other cats, unprotected from the elements.

Female cats are also forced to mate everytime they are in heat. Kittens are weaned well before they actually finish nursing. Cats produced by such inhumane treatment are typically unhealthy, unsocialized and may exhibit a higher level of genetic defects.

Because of this, industry insiders recommend adopting Persians from reputable, certified breeders or from animal shelters. The latter usually screen their residents medically and provide the necessary treatments before offering one up for adoption. For the former, though, here are some things to consider when choosing a breeder.

First of all, of course, is the program that the breeder runs. It is important for you to understand the methods and procedures taken by said breeder to ensure quality cats. You should also ask for him/her to provide a pedigree for the feline and have it verified by a registry organization. Kitty mills frequently provide fake pedigrees to fool customers into buying their stock. The mother’s condition also may also tell you more of the kitten’s, so always ask to be shown her.

A good way to choose a breeder is to have one recommended by those with experience in such matters.

Responsible breeders also exhibit love and affection for their animals. You can see it in the way they handle the cats. Kitty mill operators typically show no compassion for the cats under their care. A genuine breeder’s pride and passion for his/her business, on the other hand, shines through.

So yeah, it might be hard sometimes to find a good and caring breeder, making it all too easy to fall back on the inferior stock provided by kitty mills. Don’t be too squeemish when asked to fork over a larger amount of cash for your cat; quality should always come first.


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