Superstition Pertaining To Black Cats

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Cats have long been considered pets by human society. Despite being typically viewed as free and unfettered from the bounds of a human home, it is actually quite easy to form a bond with one. Cats have played a pivotal role in many belief system.

In ancient Egypt and Rome, for example, cats are considered sacred and the killing of one may land you a death sentence! On the flip side, medieval European cultures saw them as familiars for witches and the Devil, where their presence is usually thought to be an evil omen.

The Bombay Cat And Other Breeds

Most cat breeds (Persian, American Shorthair, Britsh Shorthair and Burmese) may produce black offspring. Both long- and short-haired varieties exist.

There is one breed, however, that stands out by not having any other possible colors associated with them; the American Bombay. Created in 1958 by a Louisville breeder, the Bombay was bred from an American Shorthair and a Burmese. The express purpose of the breeding was to produce a domesticated cat that with the appearance of a panther, hence the name (India is home to a panther variant).

Black Cats and Witches

In medieval Europe, black cats are considered to be witches’ familiars. This is probably due to their natural advantage of being almost invisible at night, associating them with darkness, which if of course a most "witchy" thing. This lead to the belief that witches and Satan himself regularly transform into black cats (typically Shorthairs) to roam the night hours unseen. Black cats may also be burned at the stake, with or without women suspected of witchcraft. Modern day witches may choose to have black cats with them to honor this tradition.


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