Tips to Select A Perfect Cat For Your Family

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A pet can make a splendid addition to a family. They can have a stress-relieving effect as well as being an object of affection. Cats, for example, are particularly suitable for this purpose. Determining what kind of cat is best for your family environment, however, requires a lot of thought.

The many factors you’d have to consider when getting one means that it might be best to include everyone in the choice.

What You Should Consider

As in the case when accepting a new tenant into the home, you’d have to think about the size of your pad. How much space is available? Would it be to crowded? Although popular opinion might suggest that cats spend their day just lazing around, the opposite is actually true in most cases. 

Cats, being natural predators, need a lot of space for physical movement. Left in a confined area, they might just grow bored enough and decide to turn furniture into beach balls. That expensive China vase? Gone.

The health and hygiene required by your family members should also be taken into consideration. Adult cats shed fur almost constantly. Some people may have allergic reactions. Recent development, however, has brought felines that are purported to be hypoallergenic (they evoke a much lower allergic reaction).

Some cats, especially the longhaired breeds, require constant grooming. Brushing, bathing and drying is a given for these types. Definitely not for the busy individual.

Also, once adopted, a cat incurs expense. This includes the cost of feeding, grooming and medical care. Cat food and vet prices can get quite steep. Experts discourage feeding cats with leftovers since some chemical compounds may not be ingested properly by the feline physiology.

The final item on the list is the cat’s temperament. Different breeds display different personalities. Some cats prefer to run around outside and are quick to retaliate when mishandled, while others are comfortable with human companionship and may even drop limp when picked up. 

Certain strains exhibit a higher incidence of genetic abnormalities than others. Some recommend adopting adults instead of kittens, since personalities are morelikely to have been clearly developed at this point. It is important to account for the individual cat’s personality, lest you find your expectations dashed.

So in essence, the choice to adopt a cat should not be made purely on physical appearance. A cat’s inner self, like a human’s should be understood so that both parties may fully enjoy the relationship.

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