Cat Scratch Fever

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Cat scratch fever is the infectious disease that is caused by bacterial organism and affects human beings when they have more contacts with the cats. Cat scratch fever is affecting mainly the children belonging to the age group of five years to fourteen years.

The scratch by claws or tooth or bites by tooth or licks by the cats all lead to the development of this problem. Often this problem is termed as the syndrome by many medical persons.

Many times, the affected persons develop pyrexia. Most of the times, the fever found in the affected persons is of low grade one.

However, you can find swellings of lymph nodes found in areas like armpit, neck and groin regions. Some times, lymph nodes of other regions may also get affected. 

Children affected by this may develop brownish red colored bump over a period of seven to twelve days after the scratch by the cats in their arms or other regions. Some times, anorexia and sore throat may occur.

In few patients, even symptoms pertaining to the central nervous system may be encountered and the headache may be pronounced.

It is to be remembered that about ten per cent of persons with this disease problems may some times get the atypical symptoms or unusual problems and such persons may usually show some systemic reactions to the pathogen entered through the injuries caused by cats. 

Many times, you may come across persons revealing general tiredness. Possibly head ache may be seen.

So, whenever you come across these signs with anybody who rear cats, you have to remember this problem. Scratch from the tooth or claw of the cat may finally lead to this kind of clinical problem in case of persons.

Further, there may be an evidence of cat scratch on the hands or other regions of the body.

There is actually no specific test that can be carried out with ease to diagnose. Many times, the medical experts try to fix the signs with the evidences like rearing of cats, scratch marks on the body regions etc.

Some times, biopsy of the swollen lymph node may be carried out to rule out any tumors etc.

Usage of antibiotics is recommended if there is swelling of lymph nodes. Some times, the lymph node may have an abscess and once it gets ripened, abscess gets burst over and pus occurs flowing from these swollen areas.

Antibiotic like gentamicin may be of more useful many times. Tuberculosis or any other protozoan disease that is transmitted from the animals to man have to be ruled out if the condition does not respond to the therapeutic measures adapted in the concerned persons. 

Cat scratch fever
is to be always taken care of. Cat scratch fever should not be taken in a casual manner.

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