Cat Urine Odor Is Obnoxious -Why?

June 11, 2008 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Behavior, Diseases

Cat urine is obnoxious -Why? Do you know the reason for this?  I hope you will at least accept this statement on cat urine.  When you ask some cat owner by saying Cat urine odor is obnoxious –Why?, they begin to break their heads.

There are many factors that are associated with the development of some odor in the urine of cats. Am I right?  Many owners rearing the different species of cats in fact are of the opinion like this.

Many pheromones might contribute to the development of such odor in cat’s urine and this smell is often highly objectionable for many pet owners.

Though pheromone effects are there in the urine, it is to be understood that when compared to the urine of dogs, the cat’s urine is having bad odor.

Mainly the reason can be assigned to the concentrating ability of the cats with the urine formed in body.

Yeah… Cats are able to pass concentrated urine unlike the case with dogs. Hence, like a desert animal, often cats pass only little urine but in a very concentrated form.

Hence, it may some times difficult to differentiate the bad smell due to acute nephritis and the physiologically existing obnoxious odor.

However, some specialists are of the opinion that the genetic factors also play a vital part in making the urine obnoxious.

Yeah… There are some reasons to believe this also.

Similarly, food may form one of the added features that contribute for the development of this kind of smell that is experienced by the cat owners.

Many cat owners revealed that if the cats are exposed mainly to the dry type of food, then due to the lack of water content in them, they start passing of urine sample with unwanted smell.

When the cat becomes dehydratred, then also they may pass such stinky urine sample. The concentrating capacity may get affected by many diseases also.

If there is a oliguria due to diseases like acute renal problems or oliguria due to less intake of water contents in food materials, then the urine of the cats reared may smell in a more pungent manner.

Anybody entering into the house with such cats may immediately identify the smell quickly and you might have to apprise them of this urine odor intelligently to avoid their additional questions in this regard.

I hope that now you know the answer for why the cat urine is obnoxious? Before going for the rearing of cats, you should know why cat urine odor is obnoxious?

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