How to Tell if your Cat is Pregnant?

June 27, 2008 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Behavior, Breeding
Cat pregnancy is one thing that may baffle many persons who own the cats. Yeah… Cat pregnancy is to be dealt in a systematic manner if one wants to know something on the gestation aspect of the cats.

First you should know that the gestation period of the cat is about sixty to sixty seven days and the average period is about sixty three days, in general.

After the twenty eight days from mating, sagging of belly may become one of the cat pregnant signs and the cats may even have increased body weight in such occasions.

So, you need to become suspicious about the probable existence of pregnancy status in that cat.

However, you have to differentiate the pregnancy based weight gain and the fat cat. In case of fat cat, the neck and leg also are fatty in general. There is no sudden increase in body weight in general with these cats.  

Pinking is the term used to denote the occurrence of the pink color in the nipples of the pregnant cat.

Yeah… Such pink color may occur at about three weeks after the mating incidence. By this, you can tell that the cat is pregnant.

Gently run your hands on the abdomen and if you feel lumps or growths inside the abdomen, then you should have suspicion about the probable presence of pregnancy.

The pregnant cats demand much attention from the concerned owners.

Yeah… You can find some definite change in the behavior of the cat if it becomes pregnant.

It may some times resist your palpation in the belly and even to the extent of pushing your hand to the chin or head region only. She may not be willing to be away from you for most of the periods.

Some times, by using the ultrasound, your veterinarian may be able to say about the presence of pregnancy. Yeah. However, this may be more possible only from twenty two days after the mating event.

Many times, you may come across the nesting behavior of the cats that have advanced status of pregnancy.

Yes. They may seek some secluded places like cupboards, boxes and may even start scratching of places for giving birth of new kittens.

Two days before giving birth, there may be an enlargement of the mammary glands and there may even be secretion of the milk from nipples.

All these signs may indicate that the cat pregnancy. Cat pregnancy is easy to diagnose well in advanced state.

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