Cat Allergies Revealed Here…

June 30, 2008 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Health

Cat allergies always tend to indicate that humans may be allergic to the cats. However, you have to note that many times, the cat allergies also occur due to the allergic factors attacking the cats.

Yeah… Cat may become allergic if they get exposed to various kinds of allergens in the air. If they have smelt the air with lot of pollen grains, then the affected cat breeds may be revealing a constant type of sneezing activity in the house.

Similarly, if there is a smoke inside the house the cats may develop some kinds of allergic reactions and are mostly reflected by a constant type of sneezing.

If they have opportunities to have a closer contact with some substances like floor cleaning chemicals or fertilizers applied over the garden plants etc. , then the cats may become allergic.

In such occasions, the cats may reveal a constant itching and due to the continuous pruritus, the skin may become frequently dry and gets damaged. Finally, secondary bacterial infection may occur in those cats.

Hence, you might have to go to a veterinarian to get your cat relieved from the constant type of itching activities. 

Many times, cat allergies may occur to the food items consumed by the cats. Mainly the protein content found in chicken or pork or beef may finally lead to the allergic type of reactions.

The affected cats may develop some diarrhea or dysentery and some times, may have digestive upsets in addition to the serious degree of itching and scratching.

Steroids may ease the allergic reactions but these have to be avoided unless it is most essential. This is due to their suppression effects of cat’s immunity.

However, if you suspect your cat suffering from any contact type of allergy, then it is better to give frequent bathing to the cat.

Yeah. This is true. Bathing activity helps to remove or minimize the allergens if the cat allergies are due to the contact allergens.

Suspect any food allergy if you get reactions of cats after few hours of feeding. This is true especially if you switch over to a new type of brand that has altogether different types of nutrients.

Cat allergies are to be treated immediately and if not, there may be many clinical complications. Cat allergies may finally lead to the death also if not treated in proper manner by the cat owner or the cat breeder.


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