Useful Hints and Tips on Feral Cat Neutering

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You might think what made a owner to go for cat neutering. It is nothing but a large number of feral and homeless cats in the world. This factor made the people to get to know about the importance of cat neutering.

The reproductive pattern of the felids is really prolific in nature- cats can reproduce several times a year and mature quickly. Say, just two feral cats are more than sufficient to become twenty in an year.

How Feral Cats are Being Produced?

These feral cats are released by owners who no longer could care for them. Do you know a colony of feral cats herbor various disease? These feral cats can spread diseases to pet dogs and cats. Hence it is mandatory to take care of these feral cats not only providing enough health care but also neutering.

Problems of Feral Cats

The common problem encountered with these feral cats include raiding trashcan, destroying shrubbery and soil lawn furniture. Sometimes the female cat in heat can literally keep people up all night with their crying and fighting. do you know why the cats are crying and fighting while mating. Click here to find it out…

Benefits of cat Neutering

You can’t handle the racket caused by a cat in heat. The un-neutered feral tom cat is having the tendency of mark every new object with their odorous spray. In addition to this, you’re reducing the number of unwanted kittens, which will become as a part and parcel of the feral cat colony.

Unaltered cats may develop severe contagious reproductive diseases. In addition, unaltered cats are more liable to reproductive organ cancer than unaltered ones.

Drawbacks of Cat Neutering

Do you know the altered cats can compete in the showring? But in case of dogs it is not allowed. If your cat wins the champion trophy in a show, there would be a great demand for getting kitten’s out of this majestic one and you will not be able to have a litter.

Age of Cat Neutering

As neutering process is really difficult in queens than tom’s, you can perform this operation at the early age of eight weeks in case of males. Neutering can be performed for your femae cat after six months old.

Post-operative Care

Mostly there would be no problem with the neuered cats immediately after this surgical procedure. Ocassionally, the incision become infected. Hence it is the duty of the owner to look after the surgical wound and proper administering of pos-operaticve medicaments.

Check your kitten daily for development of any abnormality at the operation site. The common problems include licking and chewing at the stitches of the surgery, and the surgical area may turn puffy and red. Seek an appointment with your vet to use surgical collar to keep the kitten from being able to reach the stitiches.

You can release the male cat the next day of the operation, whereas the female cats should be confined indoors for 3-5 days after the surgery.


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