FLUTD- A Serious Cat Urinary Health Problem?

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Cats are normally prone for urinary problems. Among many cat urinary health problems, FLUTD is considered as a major one. Other cat urinary health problems include non-obstructive feline urinary disease and cat urologic syndrome. As title suggests, FLUTD is a serious cat urinary health problem.

What is FLUTD?

FLUTD is nothing but Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease. This is a major cat urinary health problem. Previously this disease was termed as Feline Urologic syndrome. This disease affects the urethral part and urinary bladder of the cat. 


The major causes for this disease are bacteria and virus. Sometimes urinary tract cancer, crystals in the urine, and bladder stones predispose this serious cat urinary health problem. The common factors that catalyzes FLUTD are mineral rich {especially magnesium) diet, too much stress, excess acidity or alkalinity of the urine and insufficient water intake. In some cats, ths disease is noticed as congenital abnormality, which cannot be cured.


If the cat is not treated for Feline lower urinary tract disease, it may succumb to death. This cat urinary health problem is that much serious. The common symptom is struggling to pass urine. Even after much struggle the cat will only pass little urine or no urine. Your kitty may cry with pain while micturation. Sometimes blood is also noticed in the urine. vomiting and lethergic movement are noticed among the sufferers of this disease. Some cats may lick their genitals frequently. 


If the cause for this cat urinary health problem is crystal formation in the urine, you should provide a perfect cat food that is good for urinary tract health. The same diet should be provided through out its life time. If the cat refuses to take the diet, you can think of acidifiers to increase appetite.

The low intake of water by cat can be mamaged by making your kitty to drink more water with extra force. In extreme cases, fluid administration will ease this cat urinary health problem by flushing the bladder and prevent dehydration.

If this cat urinary health problem is due to bacteria, then antibiotics are the perfect solution. The best option for cancer in the urinary tract is surgical intervention by the specialists.

When your cat feels discomfort to urinate, you can suspect for blocked bladder or urethra. This can be easily cleared off by passing an urinary catheter through urethra into the bladder. The catheter will be placed in the same place for 24 hours to avoid recurrence of the block.

This serious cat urinary health problem can easily be cured if the causes underlying includes blockade in the urinary tract or bacterial origin FLUTD. It is really a Herculean task if this serious cat urinary health problem is congenital in nature. Any way, it is a better option to seek an appointment from your vet to clear off your doubts regarding FLUTD.

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