Top Five Medications That is To Be Avoided In Cat Illness

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Most of the cat owners are self-medicating their pet. It should really be avoided because some of the drugs are really allergic to cat. The average cost of treating a cat with one of the drug toxicities is $800.00 to $1000.00.

The common medicines that is to be avoided in cat includes-

  • Morphine
  • Tylenol
  • Pyrethrin and Permethrin Insecticides
  • Ibuprofen
  • Aspirin


In cats, morphine administration will lead to paralysis followed by death. This is mainly due to the reason that cats are deficient in the enzyme that metabolizes morphine. Hence intake of morphine may cause potential brain and spinal cord stimulation.


The common drug used to control pain and fever is acetaminophin. Common brands include aspirin free Excedrin®, Percoset®, Tylenol® and different flu, cold and sinus medications. Cats are really susceptible to acetaminophen toxicity. There is no treatment for acetaminophen toxixity.

Pyrethrin and Permethrin Insecticides

Pyrethrins are the most common insecticide used to kill fleas. Pyrethrin based flea products are meant for dogs only. If you have accidentally used this product in cat, it will lead to toxicity. Affected cat will show symptoms of seizures, vomiting, muscle tremors, lethargy, and drooling of saliva. These signs will occur within six hours.


The most effective and popular drug used to conteol pain is Ibuprofen. Even you can get this medicine over-the-counter. If you use this medication for your cats, it will cause ulcers in the stomach and also kidney failure, which subsequently lead to fatal, if left untreated.


If your cat ingested aspirin or aspirin-containing products, it will lead to severe toxicity as they can’t metabolize this drug effectively. You should reach the vet. hospital within 30 minutes of ingestion of aspirin. If your house is too far to reach the spot within 30 minutes, please ask your vet for advice on whether or not to induce vomiting at your house before getting transport your cat.

Even accidents may occur if your cat ingest any one of the above drugs. Apart from this, DON’T administer any medication to your cat without consulting your vet. You should keep these medications out of reach from your cat. Cat illness should be treated by a vet only not by you…

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