Cat Toys- a Perfect Treatment for Boredom?

December 16, 2008 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Behavior

Considering cat toys as gifts this holiday season?  They make great gifts for people, but I’m not convinced about the cats.  In our household, I am convinced that our cat, Roary, views each member of the family as his own personal plaything.  We are all his cat toys.


Ok, truth be told we are all not his cat toys.  I am not a cat toy.  Roary loves my wife.  He plays with her.  Roary loves my eight year old son.  He plays with him.  Roary loves my five year old daughter.  He plays with her.  Roary even plays with the dog.  He stares with the fish, and I think he would like to play with them.  He does not play with me, though.


Roary does not like me.  I have yet to understand why.  I put a roof over his head.  My kids even appreciate that.  I provide food.  I figure out what’s wrong with him when he’s sick.  Ok, I don’t do that all by myself.  I have help from a family friend.  Her diagnostic process invariably includes a close examination of the litter box.  And I don’t even get so much as a purr from him.  No, I am not one of his favorite cat toys.  It bothers me more than him.


He doesn’t care much for me, but he does like my stuff.  Apparently I have a wide variety of cat toys for our dear furry beast to choose from.  He loves to do terrible things to my shoe laces.  I think he knows when I’m in a hurry, or when I need my shoes to be in great condition.  That’s usually when I find the laces about half destroyed.  Not the shoes, just the laces, just bad enough that I have to change them before I wear the shoes. 


There are other items of mine that he’s turned into cat toys.  He climbed into my insulated lunch pail, and “played” with it from the inside out.  By “played” with, I mean of course, that he shredded it from the inside out.  I didn’t notice it until I started to make my lunch for the next day.  He ate some of it, so we got to spend more quality time with the litter box after that little incident.


Another favorite one of his cat toys is my ring of car keys.  This one I just plain do not get.  They’re metal.  It can’t feel good to chew on them.  He’s much more likely to chip a tooth, which will show itself as some kind of bad breath, or bleeding gums that will scare the crap out of the kids and make them demand that he be treated by a vet that charges more than a people doctor.


So, what type of cat toys can I get for dear Roary?  What will keep him from exacting revenge on me for some as yet unspecified wrong that I must have done him in a previous life?  Or, what can I do to get him to quit using my things as cat toys?

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