Does Your Cat Have Loss of Appetite?

December 23, 2008 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Diseases, Health

Are you noticing a cat loss of appetite?  If you’re trying to get your cat to diet down and lose a pound or two, a cat loss of appetite may be exactly what you need.  However, if your cat is at the correct weight, and is not eating, this can be an indicator of a serious problem.  It can also be an indicator of something else afoot too.  As the head of the household, it is often my job to figure out what the heck is going on with our four legged animal friends.

If the cat isn’t eating, there could be a serious health problem underlying the cat loss of appetite.  In our house, even the most remote possibility of a problem must be investigated.  By me.  I’m sure you have heard all of the promises that your children make when faced with the possibility of a new pet.  Oh, dad, I’ll take care of it!  I’ll clean up after it!  I’ll wash it, feed it, walk it, and investigate when it has a problem.

I heard it all too.  I still hear it.  The fact of the matter is, when something is broken-pets or other inanimate objects in the house-I am the fixer.  It falls to me.  A cat loss of appetite is no exception.  There are subtle differences to the approach to fixing problems with pets versus problems with inanimate objects, of course.  I use the internet access service in the house.  If there’s a problem, I am affected.  I investigate and fix it.  If there is a cat loss of appetite, I typically am not immediately affected.  Especially if there is a problem with our cat, who apparently does not care to play with me very much first place.  I hear about a problem through my wife, or more likely through one of the kids, distraught at a change in behavior of their favorite plaything.  Cat vomit?  Dad can fix it.  Cat diarrhea?  Call dad.  Cat loss of appetite?  Well, you get the picture.  Dad’s on the case.

I am not knowledgeable about pet care.  I am not terribly knowledgeable about child care either, but both kids seem healthy enough.  Pets can’t be that much harder, can they?  It turns out that the diagnosis of pet health can be a little trickier than the diagnosis of child health.  Pets can’t talk back, can’t describe their symptoms or how they feel.  Our pet cannot tell us why he is having a cat loss of appetite. 

One of the very first diagnostic tricks I learned is to check the Litter Box.  Write that one down.  We have a friend who cares for sick animals at a local shelter.  I turn to her regularly for advice.  The first question out of her mouth is invariably, how does the litter box look?  How does the litter box look in comparison to the food dish?  Is cat loss of appetite caused by my son or daughter feeding the cat without our knowledge?  More often than not, pet health problems in our house are caused by the kids doing something they should not.  Our experience with cat loss of appetite was one of these situations.  Our cat’s tongue tickled our daughter’s hand, so she fed him at every opportunity.  His appetite was the same; he was just eating the wrong foods.


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