How Long A Cat Will Sleep?

January 03, 2009 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Behavior

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Most of the house cat owners should know- how much cat sleep is too much? And what should you do if you think your cat is sleeping more? Generally indoor cats sleep a lot than outoor ones because there is no need for search of food for indoor cats.

Cat sleep varies on cat’s personality, activity level, health and age. The cat sleep will be more when they are-

1, Older and Tired

2. Sick

3. Bored

The kittens tend to sleep more than a grown ones because the growth hormone is only released during cat sleep. Cat sleeping is noticed among the house cats at the rate of 13 to 16 hours per day. In contrast, the wild cats are spending only 8 to 12 hours per day.

If your cat is sleeping more than the prescribed hours, it clearly indicates that your cat is going for illness. Cat sleep is also an important factor in diagnosing a cat disease.

Most of cat sleep are light sleep. They can be quickly awaken. The cats will be asleep with their eyelids slightly open. Normal cats will awaken very quickly. There us a thumb rule- " A cat that can be awaken quickly can escape easily from their predators and enemies".  

You can notice that your cat may twitch paws and faces while sleeping. This indicates that your cat is having deep sleeping with dreams. This is quite normal. Don’t panic!!! Immediately consult your vet, if your cat sleeps more than a normal.

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