Cat Rabies Shot

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In USA, it is mandatory for cats to receive vaccination against rabies virus as put forward in the “Compendium of Animal Rabies Prevention and Control”. The only vaccine administered by the USA laws is the rabies vaccine to protect against spreading of rabies virus to humans.

Every state sets its own law regarding the frequency of the rabies vaccine administration. Normally, the cat is given the cat rabies vaccine after it reaches the age of 3 – 6 months old. After one year, the cat is given a booster injection. The law concerning the annual rabies vaccination differs from state to state. Most states require the cat to receive rabies vaccination annually. However, there are some state requires the cat to be administered with rabies vaccine every 3 years.

There are two types of cat rabies shot including 1 year and 3 years. The one-year cat rabies shot can last for one year while the 3-year cat rabies shot can last for 3 years. The one-year shot offer less protection than the three year shot. Studies have shown that the rabies vaccination can offer protection for up to 7 years.

Though there is a low incidence of cat rabies, it is best that you get vaccinated because rabid animals such as bat often enter into homes. Cats, which are not vaccinated against rabies, will die if they touch the saliva or are bitten by a rabid animal.

Before there is any vaccination or you feel your pet has rabies infection, go for an easy blood test called antibody titer. Another important message is the existence of a special compound adjuvants, which increases the efficiency to the vaccine in other vaccines, has lately shown as cause of cancer or immunological disease at some later stages of cats life. You should make sure the vaccination you give does not support adjuvants. An exception to this kind is canarypox virus-vectored recombinant feline rabies vaccine, which does not contain adjuvants is administered annually.

Cat Rabies Symptoms

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It is difficult for cat lovers to think of their pet harmed with rabies virus but the situation can apply to your cat also. Before the virus reaches maturity stage, it is important to diagnose and give proper treatment and attention to little details of your cat exhibiting characters.

There are three stages of rabies infection, which might show up or sometimes does not show up because the symptoms show up during any of 12-180 days period. It is important to take proper consideration of its activities.

The prodromal phase is the early phase in which the affected cat will show severe behavioral changes like agitation for a quiet cat and shyness for an active cat. Kittens will have great loss of appetite followed with fever and behavioral changes.

The second stage called excitatory phase lasts for two to three days. During these days, the cat shows strange eating behavior like eating stones, hay, sticks or anything that fits into its mouth. You will also find your cat chewing just anything it sees getting extremely angry. It moves away from its routine and start aggression towards you than your house visitor. Its movements cause self-inflicting injuries with seizures and shivering like having cold.

The final stage is paralytic or dumb stage. As soon as first signs are noted, the cat reaches this phase; the virus would have attacked the nervous system and the head. The cat also develops sluggish and depressed. The diaphragm muscle, face muscles and hips paralyze making cat difficult to breathe. The mouth will droop open with tongue protruding. The cat makes choking sounds, which also sounds like something stuck in the throat, is the sign of getting respiratory system weaker and fail to die.

You should be cautious of these symptoms and watch carefully. These developed symptoms will not save cat’s life but you should be wise enough to make necessary arrangements to call in the animal control to remove. Clean the place properly and do not try to touch the cat as you may also develop and infect with rabies virus.

Cat Rabies Vaccine

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Rabies, a contagious disease spread through virus infection affect warm-blooded animals. The Rabies is common risk among the people working in wildlife, veterinary clinics and forest travelers. Once it was time for mandatory vaccination for dogs but now due to the increased infection levels of cat rabies, community’s is sharing prevention code for getting cats vaccinated. As the saying goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure’, it is better to start vaccinating against the dreadful disease before the wound reaches mature stage causing a fatal death without any remedy.

There are protective and effective vaccines suggested for the infected people based on their age, maturity of the wound and the animal. Though there is no a hundred percent prevention with vaccination but it surely helps to grow heartily and healthy stout cats. The vaccination is part of immunization process against the rabies virus, under the supervision of a licensed veterinary doctor. Once the vaccination is given, it takes usual fourteen days to get full protect your cat against the rabies virus.

You should discuss with your Vet doctor for rabies vaccination about the schedule of the doses. You should also make sure to give rabies vaccine for first time and if you want to repeat the shot, contact your vet doctor. The vaccination is given at 12-14 weeks of cat’s age. The vaccination need to be followed yearly dose for keeping safe though the manufacturers give a three year protected status from rabies virus.

Tips on How to Prevent Cat Rabies

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A fatal zoonotic disease developed in animals infected by a virus called Rabies. It is the most common disease found in Asia and Africa and in some developed countries. Among the domestic animals, Cat is the common carrier of the rabies disease. Rabies is a contracting disease that is easy and heavily risked especially ones caught from the streets. The rabies infected to the domestic and wild animals, cats, eventually spread to people, when in contact with them through Saliva, bite-marks and scratches.

Cat likes to wander outdoor increasing the minimal chances of the spread of infection when they meet with wild animals. It becomes important to take steps to prevent cat rabies because it can spread from one animal to the other easily. The best way to prevent cat rabies infection is by early vaccination preventing your pet, cat or dog of infecting with rabies also developing into contracting of the disease.

The Stray animals often infected with rabies, you should help keeping away from your pet cat. If you allow your cat in the outdoor, make sure you watch over her so that she will not stray away to other places. You should also lodge information on stray animals in your neighborhood in the local health department. It is not wise to handle the stray cat yourself as they may bite you and inturn you catch disease.

In addition, you should refrain from feeding the wild cat, as they are aggressive and increase the chances of cat bites.

Safe protection measures should follow if you observe a wound on the cat.  You should quickly pay a visit to the local vet to perform a full medical checkup. Wearing hand gloves and getting yourself vaccinated before you work with animals minimize the spread of rabies to the humans. Vet doctor should request their general physician to provide a vaccine for high-risk person that is vulnerable to the cat rabies. You can find such rabies vaccination shots from the local health departments.

Things to Think while Playing with your Cats

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In order to keep the cat fit and lean, one needs to spend sufficient time in making the cat play. Playing with the cat is as important as feeding right nutrient to the cat. Playing with the cat helps to build special bond between the cat and the pet owner. This also improves the over all health of the cat as well as the cat’s owner.

The cats love to play. For indoors cats we should provide sole play opportunities. The adult cats and the kittens like to play and share common interest as far as playing is concerned. The kittens do not require any kind of stimulation in indulge in play. But the adult cats should be encouraged to play.

Right toys- the first and fore most things required is right kind of toy to play. If you want the cat to play hunting game then you require mouse toy which can move about with the help of battery. Never use your hand for stimulating the cat to play hunting game. The cat may bite the hand and damage it very badly if excited too much. The hand should be used for feeding and petting and not for hunting or killing. The toy provided for play should not have any loose strings, elastic bands etc which may be swallowed by the cat accidentally. The toy should not have any sharp ends which may hurt the cat very badly.

Sound stimulation- the toys that are provided with bells are really very effective in stimulating the cat to play. The toys provided to the cat should be periodically replaced with new one in order to avoid boredom. Never place all the toys in front of the cat and expect the cat to play with all the toys at a time. The cat will get tired soon. You will also not have any other toy in hand to replace once the cat is used to them all.

House Soiling- Trouble Beyond the Litter Box

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The cats do not connect with the litter box, in general. Even the well trained cat may choose other place in the room at times. House soiling is a matter of great concern even for the best cat owners. House soiling may be a sign of some kind of health issue. The house soiling may be the result of changes around the house. One should look for clues to find the solution to end the nuisance like house soiling.

Here are the signs of house soiling problem. They are, the pattern of defecation and/ or urination outside the litter box.  Spraying of urine- one can see evidence of urine marks near the doorway. The urine marks can be noticed near window or ever around new objects in the house. The cat will be spending unusually longer time in the litter box. Making sound while using the litter box. The cat will be going to litter box more often than normal.

Potential causes – they are as follows .health issue such as diabetes mellitus, lower urinary problem etc. presence of litter box in unpleasant surrounding. Presence of litter box in remote corner of the house. Smaller litter box for large breed of cat. Improperly cleaned litter box. Placing wrong type of litter box. Sudden change in the litter box.

Inadequate number of litter boxes in the house. The house should have one litter box per cat and there should be one extra litter box. The litter boxes should not be kept in single room . The litter boxes should be placed in different location of the house.  The presence of out side cat in the house. Arrival of new cat in the house. Changing the litter box frequently. If you make required change based on the factors discussed in the article, house soiling issue can be minimized.

Managing Allergies to Cat’s Body

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You may love to have a cat as pet at home. But you may not be able to do so because of your cat allergy issue. Here is good news. The cats and the people who are allergic to it can live together without any hassle.

The allergic reactions to the cat are caused by the protein secretions of the skin of the cat in most cases. The cat’s saliva is the other allergens. These proteins attach themselves to the skin and the hair of the cat and are released in to the environment slowly.

Few are of the opinion that they soon develop immunity to counter cat allergy. This is certainly possible, but one should never depend on this theory so much. The reason is that in some cases the allergic reaction may get worse will repeat exposure.

If you are prone for cat allergy and yet love to have a cat at home, then try for a cat breed with short hair. These breeds will release less hair than the long haired cat breeds. Pure breeds like Devon and Cornish rex can be considered. These breeds do not have few layers of hairs that are commonly seen in other breeds and the allergic reaction may be less. The other breed that one can look for is sphinx which is more or less hairless and these cats love the pet owners very much.

If you have a cat at home follow little suggestion to get away from the cat allergy. The cat’s bed should be washed very frequently. Use fewer carpets in the house as they may harbour more allergens. Better to limit upholstered furniture pieces as much as possible. The cat should never be permitted to allergic person’s bed room. The smooth surfaces of the house should be washed frequently.


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The children just love the company of cats. If more than one person is providing the attention and care, the cats will enjoy the same very much. The children can play safely with cat than any other pet. The cat and the children should know to respect each other’s desire and need. The elderly person should always be around while the children play with the cat and the children should never be left alone with the cat.

The kids may accidentally hurt the cat. The cat will get frightened by this and may attack the child in return. The children who have cat at their home should be taught some basic handling technique. The cat should be lifted in such a way that one hand should rest with the chest while the other should rest at hind limbs. The cat may also be allowed to perch with her fore legs on to your shoulder, but her back leg should be supported with your hand or arm. One should let the cat go, if it struggles or tries to get away.

If the cat’s ear is flat and the tail is lashing, then the cat should be left alone as it is not in good mood. One should never touch the stomach of the cat, as the cat may get frightened and may even bite the person. Appropriate toys should be used while playing with the cat. Teasing the cat with your hand is not a good idea as you mat get hurt in the process. The cat should be left alone, if it is sleeping, using the litter box or eating. In most houses the elders expect the children to do the feeding, watering and practicing the litter box usage which is not a good idea. If the children do not do proper job, the sufferer in nothing but the cat. It is better for the elders to do the chores of the cat.

Right Food for Your Kitten

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Cats are lovely pets. More and more people are going for it of late. The issue here is most of the people are not aware which right food for the cat is. As kitten, they are very small and cuddly but soon they will grow big. In order to ensure that the kitten is healthy and happy as a responsible owner one should understand the specific need of a kitten.

Like all other animals the kittens do require certain basics. They are precise nutrition, lot of affection, time to play and sleep. The kittens require individual needs as well. As the kittens love to play aggressively as a basic instinct, most of the pet owners think that the kittens are healthy and ignore proper feeding. The kittens require more proteins and calories than the adult cat. Hence feeding the kitten with the same cat food will not work. Improper feeding will lead to problems like obesity, poor immune response, poor muscle and bone development.

The kittens require sufficient nutrients in order to remain healthy all through life. The kittens require taurine and other special nutrients for proper growth and development. Providing the kitten proper nutrition is very much required for the well being of the kitten. Providing properly formulated kitten food is the need of the hour. The kittens should be provided -2-3 meals a day. Free feeding of the kitten is not recommended as it will lead to obesity.

The kitten can be provided with dry or canned food so that they can be used to their textures. The cats are very affectionate animals and the children will love to spend their time with cats as much as possible. The kittens are cute looking and are highly playful. These lovely creature require right food, there is no second thought on that.


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In general the casts are very clean creatures. Even the very clean cat also will be benefited by periodical grooming. The long haired cats require regular grooming. Grooming the cat all by you help to build special bond with that lovely creature. Grooming provides very good opportunity for the owner to check the skin abnormalities if there is any.

The grooming should start very early so that the cat will be used to it. Grooming removes the dear hair and makes the hair free from unwanted knots. This way one reduces the chance of hair ball ingestion by the cat. The long haired cats should be groomed at least once a day. Where as the short haired cats may be cleaned once in a week time. There are so many specially designed tools for grooming. You can do grooming with a help of good quality comb. It is better to take the advice of veterinarian as far as grooming tool is concerned for short haired cat.

Brushing- in case the hair of the cat is too tangled, there is a need for good brush. Brushing should be done for at least 15 minutes. The cats in general love to be brushed. The fur of the long haired cat gets matted very often. If such thing is noted in your cat, then one should be careful in brushing the cat. The brushing should be done with care and gently. The hair should hold just below the knot while brushing in order to prevent the hair from getting pulled out of the skin. If the brushing is unmanageable, then it is better to go in for professional help. One should also consider providing right nutrition to reduce shedding.

Bath time- the short haired cat do not require bathing unless they are very dirty. The long haired cats should be bathed occasionally in order to keep the hair coat clean and prevent the formation of grease build up. It is better to have a consultation with the vet as far as bathing of the cat is concerned. The vet may advise you to use cat shampoo also.

Preparing for bath- the cat should be brushed thoroughly in order to get rid of knots. This way we can prevent the shrinking and tightening of the knot in the water. Let the water be allowed to run before bringing the cat in for bath. This way, there will be less noise and motion during the bath time. Let the water level be belly high for the cat. The water should not be too hot or too cold. We should use separate water bowl for soaping and rinsing. As soon as the cat come in, it is better to shut the door. No one will want a soapy cat running around the house and soiling the floor. It is better to have cotton ball in the cat’s ear in order to prevent the water entering in. let the cat is lower in to the water slowly and gently with reassuring words. The cat may show her objection by howling, one should not worry about it much as soon the cat will be used to it.