How to raise a healthy kitten?

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It is always better to select the kitten from the whole litter. You should select the kitten that is active, playful and friendly. The kitten selected should be confident looking and should approach you happily. The shy and sensitive kittens should be left behind.

At the time the kitten is taken home, it should be 7-8 weeks old. Some pedigree breeders will keep the kittens with them up to 12 weeks old so that they can complete the vaccinations needed. There are certain things one should look for while selecting the kitten. Let us discuss about it here.

The ear of the kitten should be clean and should not have any unpleasant smell. The cat’s eyes are blue in colour. The cats with white blue eye are highly prone for deafness. This can be checked by making sound outside the field of vision of the cat.

The eyes of the kitten should be clean and bright and there should not be any discharge. The teeth of the kitten should be white and the gum should be pink. The coat should be clean and shiny and the coat should not have any flea. The area under tail of the kitten should be spotless.

Setting the new kitten

One should have good pet carrier to take the kitten home. This way the transport stress can be minimized. Let the kitten come out of the pet carrier on its own. Never try to rush the things as the poor kitten may get frightened. The food and fresh clean water should be ready for the kitten.

Let the kitten be left on its own for some time. Make sure the bed and the litter tray are in proper place so that the kitten can find that out with ease. Let the children in the house play and handle the kitten gently. Let the kitten be confined at house for a week or so.

You should accompany the kitten when it goes out of the house for the first time. This way the kitten will feel secure and develop the bond towards the owner. Let the other animals and the pets be introduced to the kitten slowly.

Be sure the other pet does not harm or frighten the kitten as it is a new arrival. If proper care is taken for a week or so, then the kitten will amuse itself as well as the other pets and house holds by its playful activities.

Cat Equipments

Bed- cardboard box along with a blanket or a cushion is more than enough for the kitten. As the kitten grows, you may require covered bed or wooden box. The bed should be washable only then the bed can be kept clean. Let the bed be provided in warm, quite and draught free place.

Various Types of Cat Beds

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Sleeping and proper rest is very essential for all. That holds good for cat also. The cats requires comfortable place for sleep. In most of the houses the cats do prefer to sleep in their owners bed. This will result in hell a lot of discomfort to the owner. In order to solve this issue one need to go in for cosy, warm and comfortable bed for the cat. The cats will love to sleep if the bed provided suits their requirement. This will prevent the cat from disturbing you by sleeping in your bed. There are so many varieties of cat beds are found in the market. The cats beds can be purchased online or in near by pet shops too. Browsing the internet is the easiest way of finding the cat bed that suits the requirement of your lovely cat

Luxury cat bed

The luxury cat beds are quite expensive. These beds will provide maximum comfort to these lovely pet cats, there is no doubt on that. The cats will be warm while sleeping as these beds will have few layers of fabrics. These fabrics are very useful in insulating the cat from the coldness of the floor. These luxury beds are spacious and hence the cat can stretch itself. The space provided by these luxury cat beds is sufficient for more than one cat. The quilted surface of these luxury beds offer additional softness and puffiness which is the other important characteristics of the luxury cat beds. 

Cat baskets

The cat baskets are the other comfortable thing the cat requires. These cat baskets are not only comfortable but also add value by decorating the house. These cat baskets are provided with pillow and head pads that make the cat very comfortable and also provide required warmth. The cat baskets are as sturdy as they are made up of willow. Blankets can be used in the cat baskets which add extra comfort for the lovely pet cats.

Cat window mats

Few cats are fond of watching the happenings of the outside  by resting in the window sills. For such cats window mats are very useful. These mats should be placed in the windowsill as the cat spends most of their day time resting there. These cat window mats provide warmth, softness and the much required comfort for the cat. These window mats can be easily transformed in to padded beds at night for the cat to sleep comfortably. The cats will just love the window mat.

Cat radiator beds

The cat radiator beds are very useful during the cold days in the house which is having radiator. As you know the cats love to sleep in warm places and for that reason only they look for your bed to sleep. This will be a serious problem as most of the cat owners will not like to share their bed with their cat. The best solution for this issue is placing the bed on the radiator. Thus the cats are provided with cosy and warm place to sleep and hence the cat owner will not be disturbed at all at night. 



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Devoted cat lovers would like to provide whatever their lovely cat requires. This certainly includes the cat’s bed. But many cat owners don’t have any clue as what bed to buy, where to buy etc. here are few guidelines that will make you to put your hands on the best cat bed.


The comfort of the cat will be the top priority. The cat must sleep comfortably in the bed and should be well rested. The size of the bed is directly proportional to the comfort of the cat. The bed should permit the stretching of the cat as well as the adjustment of position of the cat. The texture of the bed is also important factor in selecting the cat’s bed. The bed should not be too firm or too soft.


The material is nothing but the fabric of the bed. The fabric may be natural material or the synthetic one. The most common natural fabric is cotton. Natural materials are more preferred because of less allergic problems. The synthetic materials are good as they are more durable.    


The bed that needs to be purchased should be selected based on the place where it is going to be placed. The space availability should be assessed before buying the bed. If you are thinking of buying big bed then you should have sufficient space in your house for the same, else it will not be useful.


The cat beds are in general made with one entrance and wall at sides. The entrance is for the cat to go in and the walls will prevent the cat from falling sideways. The colour of the cat bed can be the cat owner’s choice, because the cats don’t mind any colour.  The cat’s bed should complement the room and should not be the odd one out in the room.


The cat’s bed is available in different varieties. Some are easily washable and the other is impossible to wash. We should always go for washable cat bed. The material used in the bed should dry faster. Only then we can keep the bed clean and dry so that the cats don’t get in to any health issues because of allergens or microbes.


Some cat bed has covers that can be detached for washing and cleaning. We should buy the cat bed that has thin detachable facility. We should avoid the ones that have permanently attached bed covers. The bed cover material should preferably be natural material and should be easily washable and should dry faster. .

Water resistant

Water resistant cat beds are very ideal for travelling along with the cats. These beds will not absorb the urine hence are very handy while the cat owners is on travel with his lovely pet cat.


Durability, of course is certainly major factor in selecting the cat bed. No one likes to invest their money in one that doesn’t last long. The cats are very playful. They will run amuck in the bed or may even bite the bed.  Hence the bed should be sturdy and should survive such attempts to damage. One should also look at the band and warranty before buying one..