Understanding Cat Breeds

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Cat breeding have been performed by themselves for the last thousands of years. Our ancestors used the cat breeds for only one purpose- killing and hunting rodents. Now days we began to breed cats according to our desire. At present, there are numerous breeds of cats – which you can assess if you have taken a close look.   

In the cat registries there are 70 distinct cat breeds. But some of the cat registries register only 40 breeds or so, as they didn’t include the more wild breeds such as tigers. 

Some cat breeds have a deep history. Say, Japanese Bobtail, a Japanese breed is having a good old history of 1000 years. These cats were very well known and common throughout Medieval Japan. 

The common cat breeds, which are abundant in North America, include the Persian cat, longhaired cat and alley cat. Although Siamese cats are known for their foul temper and destructive behavior, it is having their own pet owners through out this world. 

If you want a loving companion, then you can prefer to rear Persian cats. Persian cats are really popular cat breed among the pet owners although it is more expensive. The cost of a Persian kitten depends on the factors- what type of Persian cat it is and where you get it. 

In North America, the next best cat breed is Alley cats. Although there are several different breeds of alley cats, most of us call to them as alley cats. This cat is really a GOOD pet. As we know cats are prolific breeders, the Alley cats outnumbered any other breeds in North America, as there are hundreds of them in the streets of North America. 

You can easily find out the breed of the cat by means of its appearance. Some people classify the cat breeds on color. But identifying a cat based on the color is not an easy task except Siamese cat. Most of the Siamese cats are almost black. You can easily identify a Persian cat by their hair and body type. 

Do you know cats were the first pets of the human race? Although there are different breeds of cats are in existence, only few breeds got good patronage among the cat owners. No matter what breed you’re having – you’re sure to have a pet that brings a great joy for years and years to come.

Cat Breed Information

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Cats are lovable ones and many persons choose the cats because of their long or short hair. Cat breeds with curly hair are highly welcome ones. There are different cat breeds.

Yeah. Is it amazing for you? But, it is true. A cat breed is established if the pedigree of this dates back to the four generations at least.

Various cat registries are available through out the world in order to record the different types of cat breeds.

Bengal breed is the fourth generation crossing between the domestic cat and the wild Asian Leopard cat.

Yeah… This is a descendant of these cat breeds and multiple breeds have various colors that develop over a period of years due to genetic mutations.

We have breeds like American Shorthair, American Bobtail, British Shorthair, American Wirehair, etc.

In these, the American Wirehair has every hair in hooked status and this produces the dense coat with whiskers that have same type of texture.Cat breeds are wanted especially by children all over the world.

British Shorthair is a stocky purebred that has an attractive appearance. Birman breeds are having darker color in the extremities like ears, tail and limbs.

They are also said to be the colorpoint cats due to the dark colors in the ends. These cat breeds are also called as the sacred cat of Burma.

is another breed that resembles the cat that is reminiscent of the Indian black leopard. Yeah. Due to this, the name is derived for these cat breeds and is also called as the Burmese cats.

Abyssinian cats
are the ones that resemble the Egyptian statues. Yeah. These cats are having rich tabby coat with a dramatic facial marks but there the tail, neck and legs are having no different colors. These cats have red, blue, ruddy and fawn colors.

German Rex
is a breed of domestic cat that has medium sized eyes in addition to the slender legs.

These cats are more alert in nature, in general. Angora cat and Russian blue are the other breeds bred by many breeders.

Norwegian Forest, Birman, Javanese etc. are the cats with curly hair materials on body and are liked by many cat breeders, in general.

The long haired cat comprises breeds like Devon Rex, Cornish Rex, American Wirehair, LaPerm, Selkirk Rex etc. Bengal, Birman, British Shorthair etc. are the examples for the short haired breeds.

Egyptian Mau, Oriental Shorthair, Savannah, Scottish Fold, Siberian, Somali, Turkish Angora, Turkish Van are the other cat breeds and these cat breeds are more famous among cat lovers in this world.

The Everything Cat Book: How To Obtain it?

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Cat book is the one that displays details about the various breeds of cats that are loved by many persons through out the world. Yeah. Many different types of cat book like Book of the cat are available in book stores.

Often you may get amazed to see the various facts on the cats during the reviewing of such cat book are available commercially.

Now a day, the cat coloring books have come in the market in order to stimulate the kids to use the book and thereby you can make your children learn about the different breeds of cats available in various regions of this globe.

Yes. This is true. Such books encourage the children to go through them willingly.

Splendid cat breeds starting from native ones to exotic ones like Bombay, British shorthair, Ragdoll, Japanese Bobtail etc. The CFA complete cat book is available with discount too.

You have to ask whether the concerned firm is giving any concession in the form of discount during the purchase of the cat book.

The Well Cat Book and the Manual on Cat Breeders are the famous ones and if anybody wants to acquire more knowledge on the cats and the cat breeders, it is better to go for these books immediately.

Yeah. This is true. Believe me. Online orders of such books on cats are available and the shipping is done many times at free of cost in order to promote the sales of such informative resources.

Associates of CFA have written the book entitled The Cat Fancier’s Association complete cat book and if any body goes through this resource, they may come across plenty of information about their beloved cat species that are owned by them.

Similarly, there are resources entitled as 300 questions about cats. Yes. Such books are of more valuable ones that may provide many messages on the cat species.

The owners as well as the breeders of cats may have to purchase all these in order to get enriched with more information with regard to the rearing and breeding of cats.

One can understand a lot about the various behavioral aspects of cats and hence, the training of cats may be carried out by themselves in more scientific and systematic manner.

Further, there is a cat book titled Cat behavior answer book that reveals more facts on various habits of cats that must be known by all, in general. Browsing through web sites like amazon.com etc. may help to reveal the cat book available in the market.