Cat Diarrhea: Secrets Revealed

July 07, 2008 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Diseases

Cat diarrhea is one of the problem to be taken as a serious one and if not, the cats may die due to the occurrence of cat diarrhea. Yeah. This is true. Hence, you need to be more serious whenever you come across the occurrence of loose motion in your cat.

If the cat has swallowed some unnatural foreign article, there may be occurrence of cat diarrheaCat diarrhea has to be treated with antibiotic especially if they become dull and the movements of the cats become reduced.

Many times, tiny stands of wicker baskets are found to the etiological factor for the presence of such clinical problem with cats.

Yeah. This is true. Hence, you need to take care that nothing is left in the feeding place to avoid the accidental swallowing of such objects by the hungry cats.

Some times, the cat may have the loose motion due to the affection by coccidial organisms like Isospora species. Yeah. Whenever, the cats get affected by this parasitic condition, there may be blood tinged motion or blood streaked stool samples.

If the cat has been provided with less digestible diet, and the cat is there without adequate exercise, then they may develop this disorder.

When the cat is found to have loose motion, it is better to look after them with special care and see that they should not get dehydrated soon.

If there is dehydration due to the existing pathologic condition, then the cat has to be treated with adequate amount of fluids and antibiotic to control the loose motion.  

If there is a persistent passage of stools with liquid like consistency, then suspect the cats for the presence of hair balls in them. You have to go for the purgatives after ruling out the dehydration and anemia.

Similarly, many times, the cats may be having many problems due to multiple helminthes and even tape worm problems may also lead to these types of problems in the cats reared by the cat breeders or cat lovers.

If you have to switch over to the new brand of food item, you have to adapt a gradual change. If not, the cat may develop some diarrhea or dysentery.

The affected cats may be given a plain yogurt in a cup and any other bland item. Cat diarrhea is not to be neglected. Avoid giving too much of proteins and spicy food. In fact, avoid the provision of bulk type of feed during the occurrence of cat diarrhea.