Curing Urinary infection in cats- a Herculean task?

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Urinary tract infection is a serious health problem, affecting cat to properly carry and eliminate urine from the body. If a cat suffers from urinary infection, it will pass a small quantity of urine. You will observe the cat keep licking the area around the genital. At times, they will prefer to urinate on cool places such as tile floor and because the urinary tract is infected, you will be able to see blood streak in the urine.

There are many types of urinary infection cat problems. The uroliths and feline lower urinary tract disease are to count diseases. Urolith, also known as urinary stone, develops from the crystals accumulated in the urinary tract. The stones are actually a solid form of the magnesium ammonium phosphate or calcium oxlate. When there is a huge accumulation of crystals, the urinary tract is blocked. When the urinary tract is blocked, the cat will have problem releasing the urine.  The majority of the cat will pass urine at night. If you did not observe any urine in the litter box, there is a possibility that your cat has contracted with urolith problem.

Feline lower urinary tract disease is also urinary infection cat disorder that causes difficulty in urinating due to discomfort in the bladder. Blood may be present in the cat’s urine. Feeding the cat with a balance diet can help to reduce the likelihood of the feline lower urinary tract disease.

Many pet food companies have designed cat food reducing the consumption of dietary magnesium. The new cat diet successfully reduces the occurrence of struvite stones and increases the calcium oxalate stone at the same time. If a cat suffers from urolith, it has to undergo surgical operation to remove the stone.

The veterinarian doctor prepares medical plan to prevent its growth of urinary stone upon diagnosing the cat’s health.

Cat Food Analysis

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Cats, of yore, were consuming whateveravailable at home. But recently, commercial, high quality, well balanced foods are available in the market. Cat owners prefer to have a food that has good quality protein, carbs, other nutrients and preservatives etc.

As you know, cats is a carnivore basically, meat source in must in the food. If the source of meat is beef, then up to 95 % can be permitted in the food. In case of chicken, only 25 % inclusion is advisable. In case, the constituent of the cat food is meat by products, grains and glutens, then, the food is not considered healthy.

The cats require more protein in the food than carbohydrates. In cat food proteins is added in addition to meat, through meat by products, meat digest, bone meal, meat meal etc. In chicken, we can very well use the feet, intestine, necks etc as source of additional protein. Having said this, the byproducts will never be a match to chicken meat. The carbohydrate rich food will only make the cat put on weight.

Good combination of protein and carbohydrate is required to make the healthy food for the cat. Artificial preservatives are imperative for any cat food. But then in the long run, the preservatives are to trouble the health of the cat for sure. There few preservatives that are very commonly used in cat food. They are ethoxyquin, propyl gallate, BHA and BHT. Vitamin E or C is the best alternative for artificial preservative.

The dry cat foods are much better than the wet cat food. Dry cat foods are cost effective can be stored easily and also make the cleaning of the litter box easy. The food that comes in cane is much like a raw cat food which has less carbohydrate and fillers but has more water to aid hydration.

The experts are of the opinion that wet food is the best when compared to the dry cat food. As an alternative to commercial cat food, we can prepare and give raw food, matching the natural cat food as much as possible. But this is time consuming, expensive and messy affair.

The advantage is the food has natural ingredients and hence healthy. The food is without artificial preservatives hence, less hazardous in the long run. But the care must be taken the balanced food is offered with the right mix of healthy ingrediets.

Few pet owners prefer vegetarian food. It is ok as long as the food has right amount of protein, carb and other nutrients. But the cat’s life span is compromised in vegetarian food. There are different cat foods are available in the market right from commercial food to premium food. Though the premium food is costly, the cat consumes them less thus making the cost effective.

Simple Tips To Change Your Cat’s Diet

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Do you want to change your cat’s food? If so, you should not change it abruptly. It requires patience and dedication. Otherwise, it will end in some other problems like anorexia, diarrhea, enteritis, gastritis, etc. In order to avoid these conditions while changing feed for your cat, do follow the following steps-

1. Sudden change in food will cause your cat to refuse the new food. You should change the foof gradually over 3 days.

2. First step- Change only 1/4 new food and 3/4 her old food for at least 5 days.

3. second Step- Change only 1/2 new food and 1.2 old food for 5 more days.

4. Third step- Now completley change the new food.

If your cat didn’t take food on the first day, don’t worry. If your cat is healthy, if it misses meals for a day or two, there will be no problem. I hope these tips should help you successfully transition your cat to a new food.

Health Food for Cats

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Health food for cats is most important one because the nutrition and health status have highly and intensively linked to each other. If you are providing a right kind of health food for cats, then your cat becomes more alert.

In fact, the cat may be appearing happier too. Yeah... If you don’t provide them the right kind of food items, they may become vulnerable to many disease conditions and often you might have to seek veterinarian even in midnight.

The cat food is often made by many commercial firms with fresh and natural ingredients. You might have to avoid the items when they are not having a balanced type of nutrients. Some times, the firms may claim as if it is a perfectly balanced food for cats. But, the cats may not have desire to eat it if you attempt to feed them.

Yeah… This is true! If the cat food is to be provided for health enrichment aspect, then it is to be palatable for cats. If not, no cat with smell the food item at all.

You have to be more careful in choosing the right kind of food. It seems better to select food items that have more vitamins and selected minerals in addition to some probiotics that are more helpful in the proper digestion in cats.

Many health foods for cats consist of items like ocean fish or free ranging duck and may even contain chicken from non caged birds and have the goodness of brown rice.

Such health food for cats is highly preferred by many cat breeds and the cost is not a factor at all in many times. However, it is quite natural that it has to be cost effective to the cat owner.

The food items need to be of superior blend and should not have synthetic preservatives or coloring agents that are carcinogenic in nature.

Similarly, the ingredients have to be freshly prepared ones and then only, even the finicky cats may get tempted to eat it. Got it?  

Many firms are preparing food items with special precautions in adding up the suitable ingredients.

Many food preparations may have less ash content, in addition to having of less magnesium content in them.

Such health foods for cats are highly wanted ones in order to prevent the occurrence of feline urological syndrome and the renal tissue related disorders in the lovable cats. I hope that you know some thing on the health food for cats.