Male Cat Names – Naming Your Cute, Or Less Cute, Kitten

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What kind of cat do you own? Do you have a battered and attacking male cat from the street or a charming tiny kitten? Let it be of any breed or race what they are actually in  need of, is a name that they can associate themselves with.

So how do you select excellent tom cat names?

Now let us pay attention to a method of nomenclature adopted by a couple when they set off to walk one fine morning. They had actually heard some animal cry and when they went to its proximity they found it to be a cute kitten crying in pain. Unbelievably the kitten got down on its own and eventually became their favorite pet. Quercus was the name that the couple decided on to give the cat as it was found by them on top of a oak tree which in Latin means Quercus.

You may ask what it has got that would help you in the hunt for a perfect cat name. Try to recollect and ask yourself whether there is a unique word which you can use for the nomenclature .Was he a street walker? Name him as vagabond. Is he bold enough to chase away  other dogs of the street? Slugger is the pick. Is he inquisitive to climb up the trees? Ape. Was he up to some humorous activity when you first saw him? Guzzy would be apt.

Make the "looks" of your cat the key word!

It’s almost discomforting to confess but a huge black strong cat that walked lamely in pavements is now labeled Black Boy. Garcon Noir would be the poetic choice when it comes to naming. As acknowledged a more inventive name could have been established, but Black Boy he is, and will continue. It cannot be annulled but however the next kitten that has stripes on its body would be aptly called as  Stripey.

Can’t get better names?

Then start thinking the colorful way. Corn flakes could be the possible name of the cat that looks like a marmalade. A cat which is black in color can be named Topper and the one in white can be labeled as Blizzard or Igloo which is the representation of a white-iced northern hemisphere or even other terms that are analogous to snow like Aspen,Telluride or Zermatt. Hmmm! what about a cat that is a combination of both ?Perhaps Tux or Zebra will do!

Sometimes give a name of a celebrity or a famous individual or even a famous cat like the "Garfield"!

Colette who has  been an owner of several breed of cats  has spent time in choosing names that are our of the ordinary like Muscat and Petiteu. If you think that your cat should be associated with a royal name why not choose any one of the following such as King, Rocky and may be Prince. And Finally if you have a cat that yearns for fame and repute fittingly name it as Garfield.

While thinking about a male cat name why not choose suitable names like Puffin, Pumpkin and Sooty all sound endearing.

For all the creepy and eerier horror movie lovers ,the best pick would be the names like Merlin, Druid, Spook ,and Bat for your supernatural Cat?

Some of the names might be too hard to please others and all your pain  while naming your cat would have been disregarded. Always think about the familiar names as in Britain and USA the names that people always love to use are Chester, Skipper ,Smudge And Harley, Max respectively.

The Siamese cat Lady, Anne Sterck has never missed out on living with a cat all through her life and now she is happy in having the charming and the mischievous of them all in France-Cumin.

All the best in your hunt for a suiting name as which the cat loves to be called.


Tuxedo Cat Facts

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The natural adaptation of  grace and style constitutes the description of a tuxedo cat. They are always proactive and lively. These are cats that every cat lover should possess as they are really endearing and charming pets with appreciable beauty. You may not know what actually is a tuxedo cat? Is it something representing the species of cat or a color pattern of the cat? The truth be told, it is not a cat breed but the ones which have a distinctive fur texture and different color scheme on it. To be exact they are dual colored cats. They are the customary beauties bearing black and white colors and are having a great demand in the pet shops.

Tuxedo cat pattern

For a cat to be referred as a tuxedo cat it must possess following traits.

1.The cat should contain black color all over its body and some white patches scattered on the black color in a small proportion.

2.The white patches should be predominantly present on her cheek, upper body, tummy and paws.

3.The black color should be present more than that of the white.

As their external appearance with white and black colors ,resembles a tuxedo coat they are named so.

It is significant to observe every cat that has a black and white spots are tuxedos. There are quite a lot of multi colored, black and white cats which are not primarily Tuxedos. A considerable number of these cats, for example, may have larger white spots than that of black  or have black or white colors in a marginal proportion  or possess firm white patches all the way through their bodies and just have a small number of  black spots. These kitten should not be mistaken for tuxedos.

Are you familiar with a well-known tuxedo?

After having identified what a real tuxedo cat is ,now we must know about the cats that are treated as celebrities.

In the Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, which was composed by T.S. Elliot  ,tuxedos were commemorated and in the play the black and white cats were leading central characters.

Silvester the cat featuring in the Looney Toons show ,Felix the cat who is said to have gained immense popularity rapidly and Socks, the beloved at of Bill Clinton, the former president are the famous ones that have to be mentioned. Moreover the Cat Socks is the recent inclusion to the list of cats that has lived in the white house.

Present ideas and tuxedo cat names

If you own a tuxedo yourself or know others who have this kind of cats it is better if you gift them some pictures, calendars ,magnet and many other cat apparels and accessories.

If you are thinking of owning a cat and you don’t have idea about the tuxedos ,just give a thought about having them as your beloved pets for they being a spectacular and affectionate buddies. Once you make your mind to get a tuxedo cat for yourself consider these names while getting down to complete a daunting task of choosing a particular catchy name. They are Mime,Chess Piece,Jellicle and Domino.