How to Deal with Cats Home Alone?

July 27, 2010 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Behavior

Have you ever known cats left home alone develop stress? Yes!!! Most of the cats will develop boredom, stress or separation anxiety. Try to know how to cope up with this condition. One of my friends cat to nap away their day while he was gone.

How they spend home alone?

  • Vomit while you’re gone
  • Depressed -Many cats will slink, hide, and sulk, away from you
  • Anxious – Some cats will vocalize and cry through out the day until you return
  • Some cats will go anorectic 
  • Destructive- Urine marking and defecate in the house

How to deal with this problem?

You can alleviate this problem of separation anxiety by following different enclosure enrichment methods. The common ways are-

  •  Provide your cat with Cat sitter DVD or something like that
  • Make your cat tired by playing with her before going out
  • Try to provide a good cat tree andplace it near the window

Much of the time, your cat cannot come along. So try to follow these simple ways to get rid of separation anxiety in cats.