Interactive cat toy for a happier pet and owners

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Interactive cat toy brings about immense joy, both to the pet owners as well as the cat. This toy helps in improving the physical health of the cat besides alleviating the depression and the boredom of the cat. The cat owner and the cat can have good fun time together.

It is proved beyond doubt that the cats too have feeling like human beings and all other animals. The cats get depressed when chips are down for them. The change in behaviour of the cat will help us know that the cat is depressed. There are many reasons for depression. Lose of companion, change of environment, arrival of new animal and boredom is few to mention.

Besides the cats are very sensitive and can be disturbed greatly even by the slight change behaviour of the pet owners. The cats can be very well aware of the time at which the owners leave and come home. For example if the pet owner goes on tour and does not come home at usual time, the cat will be very restless. The will keep going to the door to look for him. They will rush to the very sound of the door bell. In the absence of owners for long time, the cat will slowly loose its appetite, restrict playing , become nervous , get excited very easily etc. This change in behaviour is nothing but depression signs
This depression can happen in case the pet owner brings in yet another animal, be it fellow cat or any other animal. The cat will get jealous of the new animal as the attention of the pet owner gets deviated or at least shared.  The reduction is play time with the owner will push the cat to boredom and soon depression follows.

Once it is confirmed that the cat is depressed, only way to bring the cat to normal is by increasing the play time. Interactive play is what is required to cajole the cat faster. Caressing the fur by the owners helps a great deal.

Cats are natural predators and they love hunting. Toy mouse is one of the best toys available to help the cause. The cats can be seen enjoying its mock chasing the toy mouse. The toy mouse is operated by a remote control unit with joy stick. The pet owner can manoeuvre the mouse with the help of the joy stick thus making the cat’s chase difficult and more enjoyable.

The cat that is made active this way will come out depression soon. Besides, the cat will remain healthy, eat well but will not put on more weight that required. The heart, lung, stomach etc are kept in good condition. There will be very less possibility for disease problems and to some extend the ageing process can be delayed.   

Reason For Chasing a Thing by a Cat

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The behavior of chasing starts when your cat is as kittens. Tossing, batting and poking around small objects are how kittens learn to stalk prey. One of my cat tossing a toy in the air, and then she run like crazy again. Do you know why? This is because cat family is known for chasing a prey to quench their thirst of hungry. In other words, chasing is their natural instinct.

When they chase a toy or a thing, it will develop the survival skills, which would help them provide for themselves if they ever needed to do so.

Have you ever seen you cat stomp on her toys? Yes they will! It is mainly due to the fact that your cat wants to hunt and kill the prey.

Cats are classified as a bugger, mouser or birder. This is nothing but the preference of cat towards the toy that mimics catching bugs, mice, or birds. These cat toys will stimulate them to interact.

There are many interactive toys available in the market that mimic the motions that cats love. Do gift these cat toys on your cat’s next birthday to enjoy the actions and movements involved with the process of hunting from which they create a form of play. Happy Toying!!!