Cat Urine Removal Carpet Tips

August 31, 2010 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Behavior

If you’re a kitty lover like me, then you may also suffer a lot like me especially with the cat’s urine smell. Many of us don’t know what to do with cat urine smell, on one hand there is the love for the cat but on the other how can one live in a house that smells of cat urine. Some of the cat owners can notice that their cat urinates in the carpet. It is a Herculean task to get rid of the cat urine odor removal from carpet.

About Cat Urine

The Cat’s urine is organic and it tends to give out a strong smell. Cats like to pee in different places because they want to mark their territory. Urine of the cat is composed of uric acid, urochrome and urea. The uric acid is the element that emits the stink smell. Urochrome is the pigment that gives color to the urine. Urea is the component that makes the urine sticky. Urine of the cat can cause the bacteria to accumulate on the carpet and make the environment unhygienic.

Properties of the Urine of Cat

Urine of the cat can destroy the hardwood floor because the wood can effectively absorb liquid. To clean up the urine, you should use an absorbent cloth to wipe out the urine soaked area such as the cotton cloth that can absorb the liquids well. The paper towels are used if you do not have cotton cloth. If the urine stain does not disappear, you can use a damp cloth to wipe it again.

How to Remove Cat Urine Smell from Carpet?

Most of the owners seek the help of different products available in the market to get rid of urine smell from the carpet. But most of them don’t know about the locally available items that will help to get rid of the bad odor from your carpet soiled with the urine of the cat.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Household cat urine removal carpet cleaners can be applied on the area that is stained with the cat urine. You can spray the hydrogen peroxide cleaner on the stained area to remove the stain. The odor will eliminate after you sprayed the hydrogen peroxide cleaner.


Vinegar will work as an effective cat urine removal cleaner as well. To use vinegar to remove the stain, you have to dilute it with about 30% of water. After that, you must pour in the vinegar mixture into a spray bottle and spay on the stained area. The urine will blot off by itself after a few minutes.

Ready made Carpet Cleaners

Many pet stores sell the cat urine removal carpet cleaners. The urine cleaners are formulated from special ingredients that are designed to eliminate the bacteria and remove the stain. Popular brand name urine cleaners include Nature’s Miracle and Stain Gobber.

Besides, you can use the carpet stain removal cleaner to remove the bacteria and enzymes from the urine of the cat. The carpet stain removal cleaner will make it easier for you to clean up the urine on a heavy-duty carpet.