Common Cat Health Problem and their Symptoms

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The cats are lovely animals to have them as pet. They are highly playful and reciprocate the love and affection shown to them which is the reason why more and more people are opting for cat as their pet. There are few common cat health problems. Let us discuss about it here

Feline distemper- this disease is also called as feline panleukopenia. The causative agent is virus and the disease is transmitted to the other cat through infected humans, cats and even through infected objects such as water and food bowels. The infected cat will have diarrhoea, vomiting and there will be signs of loss of appetite. The affected feline may die at times and hence the cat should be protected against this disease through vaccination.

Cat hair balls– the cats are by and large very clean animals. When ever there is time the cats indulge in self grooming. Because of this habit there is every chance that the cat is likely to swallow hair which gets rolled in to a ball at get struck at the throat. As a natural defence mechanism comes in to play, the cat will vomit the hair balls out. If your cat is found to be vomiting the hair ball often, the cat should be rushed to the near by vet clinic for necessary treatment.

Cat urinary tract infection– the urinary tract infection is very common in cats. The dehydration and improper diet is the reason for urinary tract infection in cat. The cat with urinary tract infection will have discomfort while passing the urine. At times there can be blood in the urine and stool. The affected cat will avoid litter box and start urinating out side the litter box. Such cats should be taken to the vet for proper diagnosis and treatment. The cats should be provided plenty of water and proper diet.

Common Cat Health Problem and their Symptoms

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The pet owner will love that his cat expresses that he or she is ill. That is not likely to happen. The cats by nature tend to hide the discomforts as much as possible. Hence it is the duty of the pet owner to get the help of the veterinarian in case if the cat is found to be lethargic or sleeping for long time than required.

If the cat is not responding to your, has glassy eyes, fever etc then the cat requires medication and hence should be rushed to nearby vet clinic. Warfarin is the rat and mouse poison that is being used often in the house which is highly dangerous to cats if consumed accidentally.

One can find blood in the stool of a cat. There is nothing to worry much as it could be due to simple constipation. The main cause of constipation cat is lack of required moisture in the food. The cat also must be drinking less water. The blood in the stool can be a result of less fibre diet. Because of the constipation the cat will struggle to push out the stool which will damage the blood vessels of the rectum which is the reason for blood in stool.

Most of the commercial cat’s food are dry and are not having required water content for the smooth flow of the stool. Hence the pet owner should prefer wet food as much as possible. The cat should also be provided sufficient quantity of water and the pet owner should ensure the water provided is consumed by the cat. The pet owner should read the label and check for the ingredients before purchasing the commercial food. The fibre content of the ingredient should be taken in to account before deciding about the purchase. By following these simple tips one can prevent blood in stool of the cat.

Different Types of Cat Litter

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Cats are lovely pet animals and the owners like to provide the best possible treatment to their loved one. Let us discuss about cat litter material here .There are many different types of litter material are available for the pet owner to choose from. Selecting the good litter material for the cat is very important to keep the cat happy and healthy. the litter should not smell offensively.

Of yore, the litter boxes will come with sand filled in it. But of late so many litter materials are used in the litter box of the cat. These materials absorb the urine and other things very effectively and keep the litter box clean always. Traditionally clay based litter material is being used. The clay based litter material is very good as it absorbs the urine quickly and hence the urine smell will be very much reduced in the litter box. The one problem with the clay based litter material is that it should be replaced frequently. As the clay based litter material needs to be replaced at least 2 times in a week, you will end up spending more buy way of frequent purchase of litter material.

Scooping/ clumping cat litter is also very popular now. The biggest advantage of this litter material is that it need not be replaced as frequently as the clay based litter material. One may wonder why it is so. The reason is that as soon as the litter material gets soiled there will be a clump formation and the clump can be removed easily instead of replacing the entire litter material. This is much more convenient, is it not? However the whole litter material needs to be replaced at least once in three weeks time only then the cat will remain healthy.

Crystal based silica gel litter is very commonly used now days. This litter material will absorb the water in any form very quickly and retain them inside without any foul smell for long time. Replacing this litter material once in a month is more than sufficient. But the only disadvantage with this type of litter material is that it looks very hard at the time of removing and the care should be taken not to allow the cat to lick the litter material. Few cats does not like to use this litter material because of its hard texture as the cats in general prefer litter material that has finer texture just like sand.

Biodegradable cat litter is all the rage at present. The litter material can be flushed very easily and there is very less dust formation and there is very little chance for the cat to have asthma. As this litter material is very costly, many cat owners hesitate to buy this. In United States of America the clumping cat litter is very famous because it needs to be replaced once in a month only and there is less messy affair. Those who are rich and do not mind about the cost of the litter material go for biodegradable litter material.

Feline Leukaemia – An Overview

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Cats are lovely animals and many are fond of cats and which is the reason for more and more people go in for cats to have them as pet. Just like human beings and other animals, the cats are also prone for many health problems. There are numerous health problems our lovely pet cat face, one such disease is feline leukaemia. 

Feline leukaemia is deadly disease of cat.  feline leukaemia is caused by a highly infectious virus that causes cancer in the cat. This virus can only affect the cats and the same virus can not cause cancer in human beings or the dogs. One or two percent of the cats affected by the feline leukemia. The male cats are more prone than the female cats. The cats that remain in doors most of the time are less likely to be infected than the cats that roam around the house most of the time.

The virus can spread from one cat to the other through contaminated saliva, food bowl, water bowl, bites and nose to nose touch etc. the virus can spread through the contaminated stool and urine and hence common litter box is an absolute threat. The virus can spread to the kittens through infected pregnant mother.

This feline leukaemia is very difficult to diagnose. The infected cats remain normal for the first four weeks of time. The infected can generally don’t show any symptoms however there can be lethargy, fever, swollen lymph nodes, diarrhea etc can be noticed in few. As these symptoms are not only specific to feline leukemia and can be noticed in numerous health problems one can not conclude that the cats are suffering because of feline leukaemia.

The presence of virus can be confirmed in the blood of the infected cats post 4 weeks after the infection. The cats that have strong immune system will less likely to be a sufferer. The cats whose immunity is suppressed due to varied reason are highly prone to this feline leukaemia infection. Few cats remain as a carrier to this feline leukaemia and can be seen discharging the virus continuously and thus spreading the infection to the other cats all through their life time. 

The cats that are infected with feline leukaemia will get other diseases in due course even if they recover from feline leukaemia because this virus infection results in immunodeficiency. Hence diagnosis of feline leukaemia is like tip of an ice berg and is just an indication of so many other diseases to follow. Hence as the universal proverb prevention is better than cure as far as feline leukaemia is concerned.

There are vaccines available for the protection of the cats from this deadly dangerous feline leukaemia and the cat owner should buy the same and administer it to the cat every year. The vaccines for feline leukaemia are not 100 % protective and hence the owner can not relax by just administering the vaccine. The owner should take proper care of the cat so that the lovely pet does not get exposed to the virus.

Safety of Ivermectin in Cats and Dogs

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Ivermectin in cats

There is no doubt that the ivermectin is very effective in treating the parasitic infection. But the side effects are the cause of worry. The side effects are very much related to the quantity of the medicine used in treating the case. Higher the dose higher is the side effects are other complications.

The dosage of the ivermectin varies according to the purpose. The preventive dosages are generally low, hence the side effects very much limited. But the treatment dosages are more; hence there is an increased chance for possible side effects.  Higher doses are recommended for treating demodex mite, sarcoptic mite and other dangerous parasitic infection. Ivermectin if used as per the direction of the vet, then there is no need to bother about the side effects.  
Ivermectin side effects in cats

By and large, Ivermectin is very safe to use in cats. But one has to be wary of possible side effects listed here. They are crying, agitation, lack of appetite, paralysis of the hind limb, disorientation, muscle tremors, blindness, dilapidated pupils, head pressing, wall climbing etc. if you notice any one of the symptoms, do consult the vet and stop the medication if advised so.

Ivermectin side effects in dogs

The Ivermectin side effects in dog are related to the doasage of the medicine, susceptablity of the dog and lodging of heartworm microfilaria. Microfilaria is the larval form of the heart worm. If used in higher doses for treatment in dogs, Ivermectin is likely doing develop one more of the following side effects. They are Vomiting, blindness, in coordination, dehydration, dilapidated pupils, lethargy, lack of appetite etc. if ivermectin is used in dog infected with heart worm; a shock like reaction is possible which is caused by dying microfilaria. This shock like reaction may be accompanied by vomition, low body temperature and lethargy.

Ivermectin side effects in collies and similar breeds

In dogs, especially in collies, Ivermectin causes neurotoxicity. Neurotoxicity is manifested in the form of muscle tremors, in coordination, seizures, blindness and death. This neurotoxicity is very common in dogs that have multi drug resistance gene mutation, termed as MDR1.



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Urinary tract infection in cat is more serious problem in most cases. This can be considered as a lurking danger under guise of infection. The urinary tract infection spreads faster thus making it a problem to bother and not to ignore.

The cats are very cleaver animal when it comes to hiding the fact that they are in pain. This makes it even more complicated. In most cases the urinary tract infection of the cat was diagnosed very late.

Male cats suffer more than the female cats in case of urinary tract infection. The older male cats are  more prone and the urinary tract infection leads to kidney failure in most cases.

There are few signs to look for to identify the cat that is suffering from urinary tract infection. The first and fore most sign is that the cat will avoid litter box for urinating. Instead the cat will prefer to urinate cooler places such as bath tubs, sink etc. This is because the cat will associate the pain induced because of urinary tract infection with the litter box. The outdoor cats are very difficult to spot because they don’t have the habit of urinating in the litter box.

The cat will strain while urinating and in few cases one can notice mewing or yowling. The urine smell will be much stronger than usual and at advanced stages of infection one can notice blood in the urine. The other sign is excessive licking of the genital in an attempt to reduce the irritation and pain. The licking though is not going to help the cat in any way in case of urinary tract infection.

Untreated urinary tract infection will result in total obstruction of the urinary tract thus leading to the death of the beloved cat. Hence, the moment the urinary tract infection is identified, usage of suitable antibiotic should be initiated. The cat should be encouraged to drink plenty of water.

Instead of feeding the cats with heavy meal, several small meals can be provided. The cat should be provided the food that is low in magnesium. In case of more severe infection the cat will be treated at veterinary hospital as in patient till it recovers completely.  In some cases the block in the urinary tract may be removed by surgery.