Reason For Chasing a Thing by a Cat

February 12, 2010 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Behavior, Breeding, cat toys

The behavior of chasing starts when your cat is as kittens. Tossing, batting and poking around small objects are how kittens learn to stalk prey. One of my cat tossing a toy in the air, and then she run like crazy again. Do you know why? This is because cat family is known for chasing a prey to quench their thirst of hungry. In other words, chasing is their natural instinct.

When they chase a toy or a thing, it will develop the survival skills, which would help them provide for themselves if they ever needed to do so.

Have you ever seen you cat stomp on her toys? Yes they will! It is mainly due to the fact that your cat wants to hunt and kill the prey.

Cats are classified as a bugger, mouser or birder. This is nothing but the preference of cat towards the toy that mimics catching bugs, mice, or birds. These cat toys will stimulate them to interact.

There are many interactive toys available in the market that mimic the motions that cats love. Do gift these cat toys on your cat’s next birthday to enjoy the actions and movements involved with the process of hunting from which they create a form of play. Happy Toying!!!