When To Adopt a New Kitten?

November 15, 2008 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Behavior, Uncategorized

Most of the pet owners are really confused when to adopt a new kitten. It is not advisable to adopt a kitten before 12 weeks of age. You may ask why you the kitten should not be separated from its mother. The main reason is that kittens need time to develop socialization with its mother and other siblings.


In addition to this, cat breeders are also not inclined to sell the kittens before 12 weeks old. They will finish off the initial work for their kittens. The initial work includes early trip to vet’s clinic, performing different hands-on exercises to prepare them for their eventual home, and  to begin the kittens’ immunization series.


Preliminary arrangement should be made before bringing a cat to your home. You should educate your family about the cat maintainence.