How to choose a kitten as family pet?

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Kittens are very cute and the kids just love them a lot. The kitten will grow faster and will become an adult and will live for 20 years and more. Choosing a kitten is not easy as you think. One should spend sufficient time and study the options available carefully before arriving at the decision.

Never decide to buy the first kitten you see or the cutest kitten of the lot. It is better to use the head instead of using the heart while selecting the kitten. You need to visit the place of the kitten in person before selecting the kitten. Just watch the behaviour of the kitten with the mother. Observe the interaction of the kitten with the other kitten. Then you can make the decision.

There are two important things that need to be considered while selecting the kitten. The health and the personality of the kitten are the two things mentioned. Please remember the kittens born to single mother will not be the same.


One should select the healthiest kittens in the lot. There is no need to select the kitten seen by you in the first litter. Try and have a look at all possible litter before making the selection. You can also request the help of the vet to select the kitten. You should be aware that you need to pay charge for this. The vet will charge you for every visit.

Your selection will be good if the following criteria are taken care. The kitten selected should be alert, active, inquisitive and lively. The kitten should be feeding well and the coat should be shiny. The eyes should be clear and not have any discharge. The ears of the kitten should be clean. There should not be any coughing or sneezing. The rear end of the kitten should be clean.The kitten should be steady on its feet and the legs should be straight.


The personality of the kitten selected should be good. It is easy to identify the personality of the kitten if it is in the litter. The kitten should not be wary or covering which indicates that the kitten had very little human contact. Such kittens are very difficult to domesticate.

One will have to spend more work and time to correct this behaviour. The kitten that comes near you the moment it sees you will be aggressive and dominant. Such kittens are difficult to control. The kitten may be cute but if found to be sensitive then it may not enjoy the company of other animals housed in the family.Sensitive kittens will take long time even to mix with the pet owner.


As discussed earlier, one should spend sufficient time is choosing the kitten and one should never rush the procedure. The kitten purchased will be almost like new member to your family and hence the kitten selected should match with the likings of the family member. You should ensure this. If the health and the personality is good then the kitten selected by you will sure to be good.

How to Treat Breathing Problems in Cat?

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Cats are lovely pet animals. There are many health issues the cat needs to face just like human beings. Breathing problems are one among them. But figuring out the root cause of the breathing problem in cat is not going to be easy. Hence, it is better to consult the veterinarian fo the breathing problems in cat as early as possible.

First and fore most breathing problem to be thought of is asthma. The cat will be wide opening the mouth giving you a feeling that the throat is choked with hair ball. But in reality the cat is trying to get more air in. this condition will affect the quality of the life of the animal as the cat will struggle greatly for very survival. Veterinarian’s attention is required urgently here.

Allergies are the other important breathing problem for the cats. Many things such as pollen grains, perfumes, litter material, dust, specific food ingredients etc can result in allergic breathing problems. the allergen has to be identified at the earliest and removed to solve the problem. But, it is not easy though. Only careful observation can pave way for identifying the specific allergens.

Parasite infestation such as heartworm can also lead to breathing problems in cat. Vomiting and gradual weight loss is the only indicator for heartworm infestation. In case of ring worm infestation, the parts or the full worm can be seen in the tool or vomit ion. Consulting the veterinarian is the best for parasite infestation confirmation and treatment.

Upper respiratory infections do result in breathing problem of the cat. They cause hell a lot of stress, coughing and other breathing difficulties. The infection may be bacterial or viral origin.  Bacterial infection can be treated with antibiotics but the viral infection can get cured on its own depending on the immunity level of the cat.

The breathing problem of a cat may be moderate or severe. In general most of the breathing problems will warrant a trip to vet clinic. The moderate breathing problem can become severe if not proper medical care is taken. Hence, the cat owner must be concerned more about the cat if any breathing difficulties are noticed.

Cat Health Sneezing

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It’s very common to find your cat to sneeze from time to time like all other human beings. As a cat owner, it is natural to be slightly concerned, if this is cause for concern. Is this a symptom of a serious health issue? There are many aspects to look at and consider when the kitty is sneezing. Either it might be an issue or not. It all depends. It’s important to understand why a cat sneezes, and what you can do to help improve this condition.

The most known reason that a cat might sneeze is because they are experiencing an upper respiratory infection. When you notice that your cat sneezes in “fits”, which may last up to a minute or half a minute in length then it could be an upper respiratory infection. This infection is usually also accompanied by other symptoms, such as swollen, and red eyes. With the proper treatment and with pet doctor’s advice, your cat should recover from this condition.

If the sneezing happens once in awhile it might be just be due to something temporarily irritating the cat’s nasal passages. Your kitty explores out by using its nose and could have inhaled something that is irritating, resulting in sneezing. So periodic sneezing is not usually an indicator of something serious.

Another thing to consider is the simultaneous presence of any other symptoms, such as excessive mucus, coughing, or swelling of the eyes or glands and discharge in the eyes due to sneezing. This is usually caused by a virus and in that case is very contagious. The symptoms will often start after your cat has been in contact with an infected animal.

If you notice your cat is sneezing blood, then it is definitely a cause for concern. It’s very important that you don’t delay and you bring your cat to a veterinary hospital immediately.