How to Control Overweight in Cats?

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Fat Cat

Obese cats are burning problem amopng cat owners. A statistics confirm that 30-40% of all the cats and dogs in the United States are overweight. How to Overcome this problem of overweight in cats? This is million dollar query. Who is the main cause for this overweight? It is no other the you, the pet owners. Overfeeding, lack of exercise and too many treats are the culprits.

Our cats don’t know that they are overweighed and need to go for dieting unlike human beings. But we, the pet owners can contain this obese condition by changing our ways of feeding them, giving them more exercise and holding back on extra treats.

The cat diet should include less carbohydrates, and no fas diets. As the weight of the cat is increasing day by day, they will eat more than it requires. Most of the cat owners are in a false hope that cat spayed or neutered is the reason for overweight. It is not so! If the cat is fed with too much of calories, no exercise and normal aging will help to add on the pounds.

An overweight cat should be shown to a vet in order to check the following parameters-

1.Heart check up

2. Thyroid check up and

3. Minor blood parameters to rule out metabolic problems.

The cat should eat everyday but with less quantity of nutrient rich feed. Don’t think that fasting a cat will help your kitty to loss excess pounds.

Obese cats are prone for all diseases, which include diabetes, pancreatitis, arthritis and hepatic lipidiosis. Never start to reduce your kitty’s weight without consulting a cat vet because their metabolism is entirely different that of dog. Cats are carnivores, but dogs are omnivores.

If you want to change the diet, do it carefully. Mix current food with that of newfood. Gradually reduce the old feed with new feed in order to reduce weight of your cat.



Can Feline Diabetes be Cured?

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Are you aware that the cats do get diabetes? For some cats diabetes can be cured. For some others remission of the disease at least for a period of time is very much possible.

Which diabetic cats are likely to be cured or experience remission?

The cats that are diagnosed with diabetes early can be cured of the disease. The disease if it is in mild stage at the time of diagnosis can be cured with ease. The casts that are suffering with diabetes for long time without being diagnosed of the disease are not going to be cured.

Just like all other animals, the cats do have pancreas. The insulin secreted by the pancreas is responsible for the control of sugar in the blood. If the sugar level in the blood increases, the insulin released from the pancreas will act on the sugar and pushes it in to the cells thus controlling the sugar level in the blood to the normal range. But in case of diabetes cats, the insulin produced is not effectively utilized by the cat to bring down the sugar level to the normal range, for the reason best known to the physician.

In diabetic cat also the pancreas will keep on producing the insulin if not to the required quantity but some quantity. If the disease is diagnosed at this stage there is a chance that the cat’s diabetes can be cured. There are medications that reduce the blood sugar level to bring the level to normal range. In some cats during this period the pancreas can start secreting the insulin to the required level to control the blood sugar level to the permitted range.

Why some cats with diabetic are cured and the others are not?

If the cat has been suffering with diabetes for long time without being diagnosed, the pancreas in those cats may have got damaged beyond repair. The cells that produce the insulin may have burned out in those cats. Such cats are beyond cure and the pet owner must treat those cats with diabetic medication for the rest of the life of the cat. As discussed earlier if the diabetes was diagnosed early, the pancreas may not have got damaged severely and the health of the pancreas can be brought back to normalcy. In such cases the diabetes can be cured.

What can one do to insure that the cat can be cured if he develops diabetes?

It is the duty of the pet owner to take the cat to the vet clinic for periodical check up. The vet doctor will test the blood and the urine sample of the cat to find out the health condition of the cat. In case the cat is having any health problems and the same can be deducted very early which makes the vet to cure the condition completely. As a matter of fact, each and every cat should be subjected to complete health check up at least once in a year. If the cats are old, two times health check up per year is recommended by the veterinarian.

The importance of annual wellness examination and testing in cats

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The cat owners in general have the habit of taking the pet cat to near by vet clinic only when the cat is sick. This is not all recommended. The cat must be taken to the vet clinic for complete check up at least once in a year for the well being and the longevity of the cat. Annual wellness examination of cat is mandatory for all cats.

As per the research papers submitted in the field of immunology ten years ago, the feline vaccines that are administered annually, can actually be done once in three years, especially for the cats that stay indoors most of the time. The pet owners thought that they can take the cat to the vet clinic once in three years.

As the result so many felines missed the opportunity of getting tested once in a year to find out anomaly, if there are any, at a very early stage. This is a great injustice done to the feline friend by the pet owners. This is like we, the humans going to the clinic once in ten years. Very bad, is it not? On the contrary if you are subjecting your cat annual wellness examination,  then the vet will take the history of the cat from you and will completely check the cats part by part to find out any abnormality.

The veterinarian will like to know from you the cats age, food, breathing, litter box habits, life style, exercise, general health, vaccinations etc. He will also like to know whether the cat stay indoor or out door. The general examination is nothing but the observation of the physical appearance, examination of the chest using stethoscope, specific parts palpitation etc.

The faeces and the urine sample will be examined for colour, consistency etc. The faeces will be examined for finding out the parasite infestation. At times the feline heart worm test may also be conducted by the vet. As soon the cat attains 7-8 years of age, which is generally called as middle age for the cat, the chances of developing serious health problem increases.

The most common health problems that one can expect at this age are hypertension, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, heart disease etc. At this age during the physical examination the vet will test the complete blood count, biochemistry profile, analysis of urine and thyroid test. This way one can find out the diseases at a very early stage so that the treatment or prevention is very easy. But once the disease sets in, and then the treatment is difficult and costly.

One can avoid this danger by annual wellness examination and testing. In case, the test conducted reveals any medical problem, the cat should be subjected to re-examination to confirm the result before attempting the treatment. Once the test result is re confirmed the treatment needs to be started at once to prevent the health issue reaching the advanced stage.

If required the feline friend should be admitted in the hospital for further treatment. This way the annual wellness examination and testing is very good for the cats and such examination saves the life of many more cats every year.

Older Cat’s Health Issue

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As the cat gets older, senility sets in. the immune system (drop in immunity). On the whole the general health drops and the health issues creeps in. The average life span in cat is around 8-9 years.  The ageing process starts around that in time. There will be gradual decline over all declines in the mental as well as the physical ability of the cat.

Like human beings the rate at  which the senility sets in will not be uniform. Some cats will get older sooner than other cats. This depends on various factors such as breed, food, physical activity etc. as the old age can’t be prevented, the pet owners at best can take few precautions to protect the cat’s longevity and comfort at old age.

What can one do, if he is not sure of the age of the cat?  If the cat was adopted or the rescued one, then you will not know the age for sure. But there are few tips which will help to guess the age of the cat close to the reality. The teeth and the eye of the cat help to ascertain the age of the cat to greater extend.

The teeth of the cat will be completely filled at the age of 6 months. Then the tarter gets filled in as the age progresses. At 2 years there will be mild accumulation of the tarter at teeth. At five years the tarter build-up will be more pronounced at molars and also at canines.

Common health issue in older cats

There are many health issues in older cats. Let’s discuss about few here…

Nutritional issues

As the cat gets older, the metabolic rate changes. The calorie requirement is less as the age advances. If not proper care is given, the cats tend to put on weight at 6-7 years of age. Obesity is the biggest health issue in cat as it may lead to various health issues such as heart problems, diabetes, hypertension etc.

Dental issues

Dental problems are also one of the major health issues in cats. Most of the cats get in to some kind of dental or gum problem at the age of three. The only way to protect the cat from these problems is by brushing the teeth at least two to three times in a week.

Kidney disease

Kidney is yet another challenge the older cats need to face. Chronic kidney failure is one of the major killers of cat. The older cats are more prone for kidney disease. The cats should be given plenty of water. Vitamin-C helps in a big way in preventing the kidney store formation. Even you can try few home remedies for kidney disease.

There are other healths issues like diabetes, hyper thyroidism, skin tumours, heart diseases etc. but proper care will ensure that the cats comfort will be taken care at old age.


Common Kitten Diseases

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Though cats belong to the scientific family ‘Felidae’, they are considered as our own loving family ones. Pet care plays an important role in pet health. Keep your kitty healthy by keeping yourself informed that the cat will be healthy. Learn about the warning signs and symptoms of many common cat diseases. You can also pick up a few recovery tips to help speed up the healing process.

The most common cat or kitten disease are urinary tract infections, feline distemper, upper respiratory infections, chronic kidney failure, and diabetes. Each of the above said diseases has their own cat illness symptoms and you can find information about them on the internet or in the veterinarian’s office. Like most cat illness most of the ones mentioned are due to viruses. Which means they are transmitted from other cats. Kidney failure is the one cat sickness from the above mentioned that is particularly common in older cats. It is not a viral related. If your cat has kidney failure there is no cure but there are measures that can be taken to enhance the quality and length of your cat’s life. Diabetes is another non-viral disease and it can be seen in an array of cat sickness symptoms.

The other common disease is the eye disease which has pus like sticky mucus or clear watery discharge or reddened eye. The other common eye disease is blindness in cats. This is due to stress and hypertension which causes dilated pupils bloody eye chambers. Other common body disease is arthritis which causes limping visible pain and discomfort in cats. Paralysis in Cats is the common one wherein the cats limbs would be paralyzed leading to change in voice and difficulty in breathing while eating. The other common cat sickness is hair loss in cats and cat’s dandruffs.